#WordOfTheDay – What does it mean to Kibosh?


Hello Sparkle Writers. On today’s #WordOfTheDay series we are talking about what it means to kibosh.

Does this word sound like an English word? It sure is.

Kibosh /ˈkʌɪbɒʃ/

Kibosh means to put a stop to something or to check something.

When you put the kibosh on something you prevent something from happening or from being successful. Kibosh also means to dispose of something decisively.

Other words that can be used in its stead are

Bring to an end, block, bud, cancel, check, curb, frustrate, halt, prevent, thwart.

Look at this word in a few examples;

Heavy rain puts the kibosh on many of the activities scheduled for the day,

Sola put the kibosh on the deal.

Let us know what sentences you can form with this word.

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