Turn your writing from drab to fab using these three steps



Writing without editing is like putting on makeup without looking at the mirror and leaving for work. Some writers are so in love with their work that they believe it is too perfect for a second edit.

Most times you write your article but you are too lazy to edit it so you just decide to publish or send it anyway. This is not right. A first draft is just that – a draft. It shouldn’t be used as your final work.

After you have poured out your heart in your first draft, it’s time for you to edit in order to turn your writing from drab to fab. You can achieve that by using these three steps;

  1. Edit the spelling and pronunciation errors. No one is above mistakes. In a rush to get your ideas out on paper, you may have missed some words or made spelling mistakes. Looks out for these errors and make corrections.

2. Align your thoughts properly. Most times when you write your first draft, you just type the ideas/ words as they come to you. They do not necessary flow. Once you are done, what you need to do is to re-arrange them so that your words will flow in a way that it will be easy for your readers to follow and understand what you have written. 

3. Look for someone with a fresh eye to edit your work. A fresh eye looking over your work is more likely to pick up on points you may have missed. 

Remember, no one is perfect. You can however put in your best effort to ensure that your words come out perfectly.


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