Searching for inspiration as a writer? We’ve got you covered


If there’s one thing every writer needs and cannot get tired of, it is inspiration. We need it like the singer needs her voice. Inspiration fuels writing. If you are a writer that experiences so much writer’s block or you are seeking fresh places to get inspiration this post will help you.

Through the eyes of a friend

Friends can be of real help when you are searching for inspiration. The problem is most times we do not pay attention because we are not expecting to get inspiration from there. Next time you are having a conversation with your friend, pay attention. What salient points can you share with your readers? It may just be the ways your friend smiles that gets to you and you want to share about how smiles make the world go round.

Via movies, TV shows, and YouTube videos

Don’t just watch TV and go back to sleep. There are so many story ideas you can get from one movie or video. It may just be the way an actress dresses that gets to you and you want to share your views. You may want to agree with or disagree with the ideas a particular vlogger described in a video. Just be dynamic and open to new ideas.

282076-Susan-Sontag-Quote-A-writer-I-think-is-someone-who-pays-attention (1)

On Facebook, on Twitter, on Google+

Social media is a great source of inspiration. No writer should take it lightly. So much conversation goes on on social media daily and a good writer should be able to tap into this wealth of information and get ideas. The kind of people you follow on social media can also help you get story ideas relevant to your niche.

In a book, a poem, an essay, a manifesto

Books, poems and other written work contain a wealth of knowledge, use them appropriately. When you read books it is very certain that ideas will just flow. Jot down those ideas or develop them as much as you can so the idea doesn’t fly away. Once you’ve done this you can go back to reading your book. When you have more time you can develop the rest of the story.

The most important thing is to pay attention, ideas come from the most mundane thing, train your eyes to see them and when you do, don’t overlook it!

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