#WriterSpotlight- Ijeoma Osadebe left a bank job to pursue a career in writing.



We think today’s writer is just phenomenal. Ijeoma is definitely someone who is doing it afraid. Her interview will leave you inspired.

Hello, please introduce yourself

My name is Ijeoma Osadebe. I am a writer, a blogger, an upcoming author and a storyteller. I don’t know if all these fall into the same category but I guess it’s the first introduction of myself.

Your twitter handle says ‘Creative Writer, Content writer, Brand Makeover Artist.’ What do these roles entail?’

I am a creative writer; I write fictional stories. That’s my first love. I am a content writer; I create content for websites, blogs, books and any other platform that requires content. I am a Brand Makeover Artist; I create SEO articles that could help struggling brands make an outstanding turnaround in sales.

What would you say is the biggest challenge facing the writing industry?

The fact that people think writing is just a hobby; something to be done as a past time. Writing is life. Without writing there will be no Google, so, you get the drift.

Did you always know you wanted to be a writer?

When I was in JSS 3, I wrote my cousin a letter and when he read that letter, he told me I could be a good writer. I fantasized a lot, I guess that is why I love telling stories. I had to learn to put my fantasies on paper and that birthed the writer in me.

You have a blog where you document inspiration from life lessons; can you tell us what inspired you to start this blog?

Apart from writing, another thing I have a craving for is counseling. I love to listen to people and share my experiences with them. Nothing gives me much joy like hearing someone say, “Thank you for what you told me. I put it into practice and it worked for me”. Since I have always been the shy type in terms of speaking in public, I resorted to providing this counseling on my blog. So something happens, I witness or experience it and I pull a lesson out of it and share it on my blog.


What lessons have you learnt from blogging?

Consistency pays. I have not been as consistent as I wished on that blog but the days I have been consistent enough, I have gotten some encouraging feedback. I think this applies to all areas of life too.

How rewarding has writing been for you?

I left a bank job to focus on writing. Initially, I did not fully grasp how I would go about it but over time, I have been able to learn my ropes and I am still wading through unknown waters in this writing business. One thing I know for sure is that my passion can pay my bills. Oh. I have a book that will be published in a few weeks. I know it will be a sellout.

What’s the worst thing anyone has said about your article?

I really cannot remember. I get a lot of positive feedback that they cover up any negative ones. The only one that comes to mind now is someone saying my story did not end the way he expected it to.

Has there been any time you wanted to quit writing?

Naaaaaah. Writing for me has always been a way for me to vent and rant so, I have never felt like quitting. I have always fallen back to writing.

What do you do in your leisure time?

I binge watch movies. I am a strong romantic so I love romantic movies. Hahaha. I also read anything readable though I am now getting intentional with reading things that will improve my skills.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Babe, please whatever you do, do not accept that bank job offer. There’s no better time to live that life you are anticipating than now. Be more daring. Stop being a recluse. You have a lot on the inside of you to show to the world. Most of all, stop being afraid. People will always criticize you, no matter how hard you try so, just do it and accept every feedback as good feedback. Don’t forget to travel out of this country as much as you can.

What would you say is your ultimate dream as a writer?

To have books  and social media forums to my name. I also want  to host rriters’ conferences.

Do you consider writing work or pleasure and why?

Work and pleasure. I had a ghostwriting job to deliver a full book in a space of two weeks. It was challenging and I had to stay up at nights to write but it was fun. I was learning a lot. Pleasure because I get an opportunity to rant and divert all my frustration to my keyboard, paper, and pen.

Any last words for other writers?

Writing pays. Look out for avenues to learn how to earn with writing, even if you have to pay for it. I know Sparkle Writers has such opportunities. Writers block is a farce. Don’t deceive yourself into believing that.



7 thoughts on “#WriterSpotlight- Ijeoma Osadebe left a bank job to pursue a career in writing.

  1. Your passion for writing must indeed be compelling. It was a big surprise for me the day i called at the bank and was told that you had resigned. Having the priviledge of reading your works, i have no doubt in my mind that the next Chimamanda Adichie is in the making. Looking forward to grabbing the first copy of your book. More ink to your pen.


  2. I still remember you well in school days. Am really happy for you. Nigerian banks are halls of frustrations no matter how you put in your best. I left bank too for my own business like 3 years ago. AM running my own school and am doing well by the grace of God. I will like to have your book when is out. Chiomcee


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