3 reasons why a good title makes all the difference in the world


It doesn’t matter how good or bad your actual article is, if it has a weak headline, it won’t be read. Your headline is the first thing that makes your reader decide whether to read your work or not.

If you spend all the time in the world writing a fantastic article and just throw in a drab headline you have killed our work.

Here are three reasons why a good title makes a whole lot of difference;

First impression really does matter.

Your title is one of the first ways your reader interacts with you or your work. Don’t let him down by throwing in a sloppy headline.

The quality of your headline goes a long way to determine whether or not your work will be read. Avoid writing too many words – the shorter the better.

Improve your Search engine optimization (SEO).

If you write for online platforms one thing you should take note of is your SEO. The kind of headlines you use can determine how search engines like Google will rate your content.

Use keywords that would help your content get more traction. If this is done well you can attract more traffic to your blog.


Get loyal readers.

Who doesn’t want loyal readers? Everyone does. Once your readers have discovered that you have consistently written good content you will begin to get followership. If you continue this way your readers will grow steadily.

Bonus Tip: Ensure that your article delivers on whatever promise your title gives. Don’t promise to give five points and write down just four.



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