Want your blog to be successful? This is what you need to do


Every day, thousands of blogs are created. The people behind those blogs start with a high level of fire but post after post, that fire begins to fizzle out. This could be because traffic is not as high as they expected. Or they couldn’t keep up with the demands of blogging. For whatever reason however only a few of those thousand blog ever become successful.

It’s great to start a blog but it must also be your goal to make your blog a successful. Now success as a blog is not only defined in terms of the number of people who read your blog or how much you make from it. Success as a blogger, and as a writer in general, has to do with impact and influence.

Here’s what you nee to do to make your blog successful:

Stay focused

Before you set up your blog, set your goal. Don’t just start a blog because you stumbled on a blog that you like and you feel you can also replicate what the blogger is doing. Why do you want to blog? What is your blog going to be about? What is your message? What problem can you solve? Have all

Be committed

The minute you give yourself room to make excuses for not being committed to your blog, that is the minute that you begin to fail. Blogging, like any other thing worth pursuing, takes time and commitment. You need to spend time search for blog post ideas. You need to make sacrifices to ensure that your blog is a success. You need to engage with your readers and find out how you can add more value to their lives. All of this requires commitment.

Follow your passion

There’s no point blogging about something that you are not interested in. That blog will be dead on arrival. Blog about something you are passionate about. What is that thing that excites you and consumes your thoughts? What is the thing that gives you great joy to talk about? That is what you should blog about.

Choose a great domain name

Whether you know it or not, your blog is a brand and the domain name you choose has to reflect that brand. Think long term when you create your blog. This is because your blog had the potential of being a source of income for you. You therefore choose a domain name that stands out and also captures what your blog is about.

Get a professional look

You remember what they say about first impressions? It matters a lot! Visitors make judgements about your blog that minute the pages opens. So the look and feel of your blog needs to be appealing and professional. If you don’t have money to spend on getting a professional looking theme, WordPress has a lot of great theme that are free which you can start with. We recommend going for a clean design, legible font and a layout that is easy to navigate.

Know your stuff

No matter how great your blog looks, you will lose traffic quickly if you do not know your stuff. You will also lose traffic if you are not up to date with the latest development in your field or industry. You need to stay current to always pass across valuable information to your readers. Stay up to date with the latest news, subscribe to other blogs, follow social media conversations and read books.

We’ll be sharing some more tips next week to help you build a successful blog. Don’t miss it!

If you need help with your blog, do get in touch with us by sending us an email [email protected] or you can book a coaching session by calling 0817 0166 058. We’re always happy to help





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