Sparkle Reviews – Making a Difference with Your NYSC Year by Frances Okoro


Hey Sparkle Writers. As you know, we’re all about promoting the good works of writers around the world. Today, we’re featuring a book released by an outstanding writer whose aim is to use her book to help Nigerian graduates going for the compulsory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). Her name is Frances Okoro (You can find out more about her in our #WriterSpotlight interview with her)

Let’s get right into Frances’ new book, ‘Making a Difference with Your NYSC Year’. Here are 6 reasons why you just have to read this book:

nysc book cover

1) It is very practical. If you are about to go for NYSC or you’re already in your it, Frances gives very practical tips on how you can make a difference during your NYSC year. She gives examples of things graduates can do to improve their skills and give back to the society. We think that’s awesome.

2) You’ll learn how to manage your service year. There are many horrible stories about the NYSC scheme. In fact, there are more negative news about the scheme than there are positive news. Frances’ book is a breath of fresh air. She will make you see the positive side of the NYSC. We love the fact that she addresses the mind set of graduates which she describes as “the biggest obstacle to making a difference with your service year.”

3) It will help you to develop a culture of savings. Have trouble saving money? Do you believe you can only save when you have a huge income? Well, Frances shows you a practical way of saving even when you earn little. Corps members get a stipend of N19,800 and it is wrongly believed that it is impossible to save anything from this money. In this book, you’ll find a guide that will help you consistently save a percentage of your allawee every month which will end up being a huge amount (going into thousands of Naira) at the end of your service year.


4) You’ll get real advice about what you can do to make a difference. Some people pay lip service to the idea of touching lives. They tell you to do it but they don’t show you how. This not the case with Frances. She tells you different projects you can do, how to get funding for those projects and she even includes a sample sponsorship letter which you just need to tweak to suit your personal project.

5) The book is very easy to read. Did we tell you that Frances is an outstanding writer? Yes, we did. Not only is this book easy to ready, it is also easy to understand. Just about 54 pages, once you pick up the book, you’ll keep going right until the end. Every page is laced with valuable words of wisdom and you can always refer to a particular idea discussed long after you have finished reading the book.

6) Frances knows what she’s talking about. Out of all the reasons we’ve given; this, perhaps, is the most important one. Frances knows what she is talking about. She is not giving you abstract advice. Everything she writes about in the book, Frances has practiced. She successfully saved N70,000 from her allawee, she started a personal business, she held seminars in schools, she released two books and had a successful book launch; all in one year! If Frances can do it, you can do it too.

Don’t waste any more time; order your copy of ‘Making a Difference with Your NYSC Year’ right now on Amazon Kindle, Okada Books or using PayPal.

Copies of the book can also be purchased from The Oasis, 3 Keystone Bank Crescent, Off Adeyemo Alakija Street Lagos. For further information or orders, call 07035539092 for further information or for orders.

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