#StopTheCliche – Enough of this word


Dear Sparkle Writer how has your week been?

We have discovered another word that has to go and we are so excited to share it with you.
Have you noticed how many times you hear the word ‘seriously’ in a day?

Look at these examples:
• Seriously I am tired.
• His dog is seriously injured.

It’s almost like if people don’t use ‘very’, the only option available is seriously. All that is about to change. We will give other words, apart from ‘very’ that can aptly describe what you mean. Here they are – Acutely, badly, completely, contemplatively, critically, dangerously, dourly, earnestly, extremely, genuinely, gravely, grimly, humorlessly, meditatively, pensively, ruminatively, sincerely, soberly, solemnly somberly, sternly thoughtfully, totally, truly, utterly.

What other words can be used in place of seriously?

Leave your answers in the comment box.


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