This is how to focus while writing


How many times has this happened to you; You are writing an article, everything is going well and then …you get a text message. You read it, go back to your article but you don’t remember what you wanted to write next? We’re sure it has happened to you a few times.

Writers have to be focused if they want to remain productive. But how can we do this with so many other activities to attend to? These tips will help you focus and shut out distractions when you are writing.

Turn off your phone
Yes, your phone. So many times your phone can distract you from getting work done. Whether it’s an email, text message, phone call or a tweet. you will always have something to reply. If you turn your phone off or at least put it on silent you can focus and get much done within a little time.

Get a writing space
If you work from home you may need to get a place where you can write without distractions from your children, friends and the conversations that take place in the house. Whether it’s your bedroom, your balcony or the library find a writing space.

Do your research before writing
When you have to research, whether on the internet, by traveling or reading books, do it before you actually write. Trying to research on the internet and write at the same time can distract you. Advertisements online, Facebook messages or twitter feeds can easily sneak into your writing time and before you know it you have forgotten why you were on the internet.

How else do you ensure that you focus while writing? Let us know in the comment section.


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