Get started as a freelance writer with these tips

One of the greatest joys of being a freelance writer is getting rewarded for your skill. We are referring to financial reward. At a time where many people call themselves writers, what are the odds that you will get good paying freelancing projects?

Well. the odds are not that slim. You however need to take some steps to make it easier for you to attract those kind of opportunities that will make you smile to the bank. 

Here are some tips which we know you will find useful. 

Define Your Niche and Target Audience 

You cannot be a jack of all trades when it comes to freelance writing. You need to have a specialty. Will it be fashion? Lifestyle? Politics? Or Inspiration? You decide. 

Make your choice based an area you are good at or you can easily adapt to. Don’t limit yourself to areas you love. Think a little bit wider. 

Once you have chosen your niche, identify who your potential clients will be. If you want to specialize in tech, you may want to list out all the tech companies available and begin to do your research. Keep your ears open for opportunities to do freelance writing jobs with those companies. If you are bold enough you can even pitch your services to them.

Create a Website or Blog

How will potential clients find you? How will they assess if you are indeed able to deliver. A website or a blog will address this. 

You can begin by building a simple WordPress website or blog. Once you’ve done this, post some freelancing work you have done. Don’t forget to include a list of the services you offer, testimonials from previous clients if you have any (It’s always a good idea to get testimonials from those you write for) and of course, your contact details. 

We love the way Ebun Oluwole showcases her work on her personal website. 

Publicize what you do 

Yes, we know you are a writer but if no one knows what you do how will you make money from your writing skills? You must begin to see your freelance writing as a business and to attract high paying clients, you have to do some marketing. There’s no other way around it. 

Make the most of social media. Have a great bio. Across all the social media platforms, let it be clear that you offer freelance writing services. Promote your work on social media; both organically and through paid ads. You can do this with as little as $5. 

You also need to interact and do some social listening. Twitter is great for this. People are always looking for who can offer one service or the other. Another great platform for you to market for yourself is LinkedIn. If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, we advice that you create one. You will come across several useful clients and opportunities there. 

The last thing we will suggest is for your to become visible on Google. Aside from writing blog posts on your website, feature on other websites through guest blogging and contributions. This will improve your Google ranking when your name is searched for. Always make sure your bio reflects that you are a freelance writer when you contribute to these sites. 

Don’t forget that making the money you want from your writing skill will take some time and hard work. You cannot afford to leave anything to chance. 



Why writers need some form of training.


We know writing is known to flow organically and naturally. Most writers don’t admit to getting any form of writing training.

They just tell you that the words come naturally so they write. But we can’t all be like that. A number of writers need training to fine tune their writing skill, others need training on how to identify their writing niche and develop a voice.

Some stubborn writers need a form of training because they have been stuck for years and don’t know what to do.

Here are a few other categories of people who need training. 


If you are a new writer, you’ve never written anything before but you believe strongly that you know how to write and want to do something about it. It would be advisable to you take a course. Preferably a basic writing course so you can have a feel of what is expected of writers.

Just write, they tell us.

Fair enough. Write just like  J.K Rowling if you can. But it helps to know what J.K Rowling knows. How can you do that? By going for training. 

If you have been writing for a long time and you suddenly don’t feel excited anymore, you may need some training. Wondering why? You are probably stuck, nothing new seems to be happening and you are now disinterested. 

A writing course can help infuse new life, get you all excited, fired up and ready to write again. 

Wouldn’t you love that? 


We bet you will. 

You can try any of our writing courses or coaching consultations to help improve your writing. 

To register for any of the courses, send a mail to

We are waiting.



#ChroniclesOfAWriter – Writing is not a mediocre craft

Adedoyin Jaiyesimi

I had a conversation with a publishing agent a few days ago and she was telling me about how difficult it is to get good manuscripts from writers to publish. I found this interesting because I have many writers at The Sparkle Writer’s Hub who complain that no publisher wants to publish their manuscript despite all the time and effort that they put into writing it.

This was something that got me thinking. Publishers are desperately looking for writers and writers are looking for publishers. So why is it hard for both parties to connect? After all, this appears to be a seamless fit.

As I spoke to the publishing agent and remembering my experience with some of the writers I have had the privilege of coaching, I had a better understanding of the cause of this problem.

Here it is.

Some writers are simply not ready to be published.

Before you raise your defenses, let me explain.

Publishing a book is serious business. Unfortunately, we live in a country where anything goes so we have a lot of sub-par work being thrown into the market. There are also sub-par publishers who throw standards to the wind by publishing any and everything.

Have you ever bought a book and right from the blurb you find cringe-worthy errors? I have found a lot of such books which are published locally.  

I believe all writers should be held to the highest standard possible. This applies to publishers as well. In the few years that I have been able to coach writers and connect them with freelance writing opportunities, I have realized that some writers are not as good as they think. Getting them to improve is also a battle because they believe so much in the quality of their work that they feel there is nothing to be improved.

It’s quite sad.

As a writer, you must be committed to self-improvement on a daily basis. I have been writing professionally for over four years and I still make mistakes. Sometimes I have to check the dictionary to ensure that I’m using a word in the proper context.

A perfect writer does not exist. So if a publisher rejects your manuscript and tells you that your work is not good enough, don’t take it personal. The publisher is not out to get you. While I understand that there are bestsellers that were rejected by publishers because they failed to see the potential in the manuscript, sometimes the problem is with the manuscript itself.

The publishing agent I spoke to told me about the number of manuscripts they had to reject because they were poorly written; bad English, grammatical errors and structure. Instead of the writers to implement the feedback, they simply find a publisher who will accept to publish the manuscript despite the very obvious errors.

Writing is not a mediocre craft. You have to put in your very best. I don’t think you want to be known as the writer who always brings out low quality books. That’s not the kind of writer you should aspire to be.

Contrary to what you’ve been made to believe, there are publishers who want to publish your work. Your duty is to make your manuscript as irresistible as possible.

It’s my desire that the gap between publishers and writers will get smaller and completely disappear in the coming years. We are working hard at The Sparkle Writer’s Hub to bridge that gap.

If you need help to improve your writing skills, reach out to us. You can be the best writer that the world has ever seen.

#ChroniclesOfAWriter – So you want to be a successful writer? What have you done about it?

Adedoyin Jaiyesimi

I had such a great time last Saturday teaching the writers who registered for the Sparkle Writer’s Course how to create platforms and earn money from their writing skill. The session was enlightening for me as much as it was for the participants.

Although it was unplanned, one thing I realised as we discussed (the session was very interactive) was that many writers fail to succeed simply because they are not intentional about their success. Sounds simple right? It’s so simple that is taken for granted.

You’ve been saying that you want to become a successful writer but what have you done about it? Perhaps, you have taken some steps but you haven’t had much success. Have you stopped to find out what is not working for you?

Being a successful writer will not happen overnight. It comes as a result of being intentional. Have you set your writing goals yet? Do you know how much you want to earn every month from your writing skills? Do you know which platforms you need to be visible on in order to reach your target audience and get clients to notice you? These are important questions you need to ask yourself.

One of the participants who also attended The Sparkle Writer’s Hangout in July gave a testimonial that reinforced the need to be intentional. Before she came for our hangout, she had been neglecting her blog. She wasn’t intentional about her message. After the hangout and a coaching session with me, she decided to launch a series on self-love on her blog. She did this consistently for a few weeks and also used social media to engage her audience.

sparkle writer's course

Guess what happened as a result of the steps she took? She was approached to work on a book project that deals with the subject matter of self-love. She has also been invited to speak about self-love in one of the popular universities in the country.

I’m not surprised with the results she has achieved. You will be amazed at the doors that will open up for you when you decide to become intentional. You can start today by doing the following;

  1. Write out your writing goals. What do you want to achieve 6 months or a year from now? Write them down.
  2. Do something every day towards the achievement of those goals. All the writers who came for our course have been put on a four-month road map. They identified their goals and the immediate steps they need to take to achieve those goals. We also gave them targets too. By December, we will have follow-up sessions with them to ensure that they are actually making progress.
  3. Be consistent. I have written about this in previous posts in this series. You need to be consistent if you want to succeed as a writer. Don’t be lazy about it. If you need to post on your blog every day, do it. If you need to write a page every day towards your book project, please do so. And I will add, learn something new every day to improve your skill.

There is no more room for excuses. This is the time for less talk and more action. The next batch of our writer’s course will take place in a few weeks. I recommend it for every writer who wants to position themselves to earn more from their writing skills. Watch out for more details about the course and how to register in the next few days. You can also send an email to to signify your interest.