#PickOfTheWeek – On women and imperfections

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It’s another #PickOfTheWeek and we think it’s absolutely beautiful how our  picks are always (well most of the time) in sync. 

Today’s writers are talking about the sacrifices, struggles of women and imperfections. Let us know which one you could relate with. 

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Our first pick is by Gina. We love this because it describes how possible it is to pick up dreams that have long been forgotten and make something out of it. 



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As sad as this is, we know it is true!  Sometimes we try hard to win those battles against ourselves, habits and instead of getting better we usually go back to the same spot where we started off. 


farmto table (3)How many of us look at ourselves and complain about one thing or the other? Almost all of us! But the truth is that despite all our imperfections there’s still so much we have to offer. So much our world needs from us.  Okwuwoga Temitope nailed this one. 



farmto tableMothers are truly precious.  They can give whatever they have just to make sure their children are doing well.  Thank you Kolade for this beautiful post. 

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#PickOfTheWeek – Setting 2018 on course


It’s our first PickOfTheWeek for the year and we have selected some amazing pieces to kickstart 2018.

From a prayer to a candid advice and inspiration, 2018 is looking good already.

The first piece to be featured today is by Oluwadunsin Deinde-Sanya. Such apt prayers to start the year. We all know that we can’t afford to be fearful especially if we want better results this year.


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There are times we get discouraged because of those people who keep reminding us of our shortcomings.  All we can say is this, it won’t be long! Hey Ella this is one beautiful piece.

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Who else just gets excited thinking about the possibilities and opportunities 2018 has? Adigun Mide knows this too

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Last and definitely not the least is this! Simple and straight to the point. In 2018, don’t get distracted.

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#PickOfTheWeek – Success redefined


Medieval(1).jpgHey Sparkle Writers! Our #PickOfTheWeek focuses so much on success and we felt it would be good to define or maybe redefine what it means as we enter a new year.

We hope you learn a thing or two from this week’s pick.

Do you agree with us that Gbolahan always brings his A game on in this segment? Today isn’t any different. His take on success is true.



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Sometimes we have to go through those ‘dark’ times to have victory because it is in those times we conquer our demons. We couldn’t have said it any better Victoria.

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Writers will know this so well. Sometimes you are writing a story or an article and by the time you are done you realize it isn’t the idea you started with that you ended with. It’s probably a better one.

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When help is dong more harm than good, it is better to let go. Victory is right with this one.

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#PickOfTheWeek – Life is in seasons


Hey Sparkle Writers, it has been months since we started the #PickOfTheWeek  segment on the blog and it’s been amazing.

Like other Tuesday’s we have four amazing writers from instagram whose posts will be featured today.  Let us know what you think.

The first post is by Hannah and she strikes the right chords talking about one sided love.  It can be heart breaking when you are giving all you’ve got and you’re not getting any response.

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True! Every thing that seems impossible and stressful will soon be in the past. All we’ve got to do is hold on. Thank you Mercy for this.   farmto table(4) 

Hussaynes gives us some much needed advice in this post. One of the reasons our relationships are not working is because we’ve not taken out time to understand people.

farmto table(3)  This post helps to buttress the previous one in a unique way. We don’t have to think alike to have fun. Do things your way and enjoy yourself while you’re at it.farmto table(2)

#PickOfTheWeek – Life as we know it

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Social media has changed the way life is and the earlier we accept it the better. Today’s title is dedicated to one of the posts we selected. You will love this week’s pick. 

This is one great thing writing does. It helps to pass strong messages across without causing so much trouble. Thank you Fawaz for sharing. 

brunch (1)Sue Chioma touches a very important point with this post. Home is where the heart is but we all agree that home means different thins to different people. While some have family members who make life beautiful, others have found succor in the arms of friends. Whatever home means to you, you will agree with us that there’s no place like it. 

brunch (3)Your work goes before you and speaks clearly. Not just your words. We’re with Muhamad on this one. brunch (4)Tomiwa blew our minds away with this post. Social media has made it easy for you to know that you are not alone. Going through something and want to find out who else is going through the same thing? Hashtag it! brunch

#PickOfTheWeek – Find out what procrastination, failure and pain have in common


If you are new to the Hub you may not know about our #PickOfTheWeek series so we’d explain what it is. On this segement we feature amazing writers, whom you may not know because there are so many of them. 

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The first post by Richard Dappa tells us the differnece between a man and a woman from a fresh perpective. Do you agree with him? brunch (4).pngMost times we are get upset when we feel like failed others but Muhamad Gbolahan reminds us that when we fail ourselves, fail to work on those big dreams, that is the biggest failure, although there is a way out of that too. 

brunch (1) 

We told you there was a solution! Adebisi Olaniyi brings the solution with her post. Even when you fail yourself or make mistakes, don’t dwell in them. It is not wise. 

brunch (2)

The last post for today is by Sue Chioma. If you are a recurrent procrastinator this is for you. Whateever you have to do, do quick. 


#PickOfTheWeek – Life is what you make out of it

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Good writers are not easy to come by but on The Sparkle Writers Hub, we make it our duty to find them and encourage them. On today’s #PickOfTheWeek we have four spectacular writers. 

Let us know which pick resonated more with you. We’d let you know ours too.

The first is by Dorathy and she gives us her take on time and wounds. Unlike the common saying that ‘time heals everthing’ Dorathy thinks otherwise. Instead of healing she believes it only gives us memories, something we can definetly hold on to. 

 brunch (2).pngWe saw this post and we knew we just had to share. Sometimes we complain that we have too little not realizing that even with so little, we could do a whole lot. Start with that little talent, gift and ability, it will grow.  Thank you Layoladedayo Alonge for this. 

brunch (4)This right here is the truth. There’s no point jumping into another relationship with a broken heart. It brings terrible consequences to both parties. If you haven’t recovered from one relationship, don’t go into another. brunch (3)Too many times we imagine ourselves better, more successful and more acomplished but we never really take it serious because we don’t believe we can make it happen. This in actual fact is not true. The success we all dream about it is right inside us and all we have to do is bring it on! 

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#PickOfTheWeek – Challeging the status quo, a letter to love

Medieval (1).jpgWriters are challenging the status quo with each post and we love it. Today we have a writer who wrote a letter to love and giving us tips about style. 

We hope you love this #PickOfTheWeek  

Our first pick is from Jumoke Ipinlaye. She speaks the truth in this peice and we all should take note. No matter how much it hirts we must learn not to hide our wounds. It is better to deal with them. 

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   Our next pick is a peice by China Tori and she’s asking a question. One a number of us would have asked a number of times. We are still asking though. brunch (2)  Another peice we love is the one from Muhamed Gbolahan. In a world there is so much rejection and segreaation its great to hear the truth in simple but clear words. We have to learn to accomodate every one’s indiviaulity 

brunch (3) 

The last and definetly not the least of the posts we loved from our writers on instagram is by Richard Dappa and it’s a letter to love. Do you think anyone deserves this kind of treatment? Let us know your thoughts. brunch

#PickOfTheWeek – The story of trust and love turned sour


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One great thing about the #PickOfTheWeek is that it helps us find new writers. There are so many of them. Today we feature three new writers ( new because we’ve not featured them before.)

We know you’d love their pieces. The first is by Tolulope Olulola. Love is such a beautiful thing so many writers lend their voice every week to this sibject.. This is Tolulope’s peice on love and we love it!

brunch (12)

The next is by Bolu Sanwo . This is a perfect description of love turned sour.  Those things that used to mean a lot will suddenly mean so little to you. brunch (10)Osi hit the nail on the head with this one. Apart from making sure you let creativity and art be, the next best thing you can do to them is do it excellently. Don’t compromise on your standards.

brunch (9)Beauty is powerful and those who know this use it well. Adesuyi Ifeoluwa has helped to  expalin just how powerful it can be. It can truly change people’s opinion in an instant!

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#PickOfTheWeek – Find out what tears and healing have in common

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The posts on today’s #PickOfTheWeek iwil stir something up insde of you! 

How else do we describe posts that encouraged healing, closure and the will to look over mistakes and dream again. 

Can we just go straight to these peices? 

Jummy Ipinlaye is on fire with this post. For those of us wo are still hiding our skills and abilites, this is for you. 

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If you have lost someone and still hurting China Tori’s words are encoraging. It may look imposible but you can heal. 

brunch (2)

Heart break can be terrible but one thing you can be sure of is that morning will come and the pain you feel today will not hurt so much. At least that’s what Knayinsola says but we agree with her . 



The last and definetly not the least is by Eke – kola Vanessa.  Most of us see only our faults and condemn ourselves. Vanessa thinks iys time we start embracing our dopeness tWe agree. 

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