#GrammarSeries – Here’s how to avoid the use of double comparatives and superlatives


Hello Sparkle Writers and welcome to the first grammar series in 2018!

Today we are talking about an aspect of adjectives that people often misuse in writing – Gradable adjectives or in other words adjectives that have levels of degrees. For example:

nice, nicer, nicest.

The general rule for the classification of adjectives is into three forms (the base, comparative and superlative) are as follows:

When the word is made up of just one or two syllables, the suffix ‘-er’ can be added to the comparative form while the suffix ‘-est’ can be added to their superlative form. For example:

Poor, poorer poorest

Big, bigger, biggest

The above words are made up of just one syllable.

On the other hand, if the word is made up of more than two syllables, ‘more’ is added to the comparative form while ‘most’ is added to the superlative form. For example:

Interesting, more interesting, most interesting

Terrible, more terrible, most terrible

The words above are made up of three syllables each. That is why it would be weird to say ‘terribler’ or ‘terriblest’

Here’s something to note: avoid the use of ‘more’ together with the suffix ‘-er’ and the use of ‘most’ together with the suffix ‘-est’

This would make expressions like ‘more nicer’ ‘most nicest’ ‘more bigger’ ‘most bigger extremely wrong. It either ‘more’ or ‘-er’ and ‘most’ or ‘-est’


Here’s what to expect from The Sparkle Writers Hub in 2018!

Happy New Year Sparkle Writers! 

How are you finding 2018? Have you been able to write anything since the 1st or you are still planning to write something?

Whatever the case is, you know we’re always here to motivate you and keep you consistently inspired to write. This year, we have some special things lined up for you which are geared towards making you a much better writer and helping you to achieve your writing goals for the year. 

There’s just one thing we need from you aside from your commitment – forget about what didn’t happen last year. We don’t want to know whether you were unable to improve your writing skill last year or publish your book. This is a brand new year. Let go of the failures of 2017 and look forward in anticipation of the successes and achievements of 2018. 

Can you do that for us?

Ok. Let’s get right into the good stuff! Drum rolls please.

Introducing The Sparkle Writers Pro!

We’re excited to officially launch our support group for writers, Sparkle Writers Pro. For everyone who wants to seriously improve their writing skill or you need constant motivation to help you achieve your goals, this group is just perfect for you.  

Whether you are a beginner or an expert who has become rusty, you will definitely find something for you in this support group. Here’s a taste of what you should expect;

  • Daily writing tips and motivation geared at helping you to exercise your writing muscles consistently.
  • Weekly Facebook/ Instagram live taught sessions from successful writers, authors and publishers. 
  • Weekly/ monthly writing challenges to help you master the art of writing. 
  • Information about writing opportunities to help you build your brand as a writer. 

Trust us when we say this support group is going to be exciting! Most importantly, you will learn and be positioned to achieve your writing goals, no matter how big it is. 

Access to this group costs N10,500 for one month access, N31,500 for a year access (Yes, one year!) and N5,250 for one-off access (one day). If you enroll for any of our courses, book a one-on-one session with our writing coach or you attend our monthly class in January, you will be added to the support group free of charge. This is our New Year gift to you! 

To join The Sparkle Writers Pro, please click here or send an email to sparklewriterspro@gmail.com

Monthly Group Writing Classes 

You asked and we listened. Starting from this month, we will have monthly group writing classes (every third or fourth Saturday of the month) where you can brush up your writing skills, have access to our writing coach and you will also have the opportunity to network with other writers. 

The class costs N10,500 and we will only be able to take a maximum of six writers per class.

The writing class for January will take place on Lagos (Mainland) on Saturday 27th January by 10 am.

To register, please click here or send an email to thesparklewritershub@gmail.com . 

Of course, aside from this you can be sure that our daily dose of inspiration on social media and valuable content for writers on the Sparkle Blog will continue. 

Here’s to an amazing 2019 with lots of achievements for you as a writer. 

PS – Don’t forget, you will be added to The Sparkle Writers Pro Support Group free of charge when you book a writing  coach, enroll for a course or coaching program or you attend a group writing class this month. 



Go beyond saying you want to write in 2018

Hello dear writer! I know we’re eight days into the new year but since this is our official resumption day, let me start by wishing you a very happy new year. 

We’re grateful at The Sparkle Writers Hub to have you as our follower and supporter. I’m glad that many of you took the motivation we shared on social media and ran with it.

2017 was a year filled with testimonies from writers across the country. We had people who published books, there were some who finally completed their manuscripts after being stuck for many months, other launched their blog, some took their writing more seriously and many more began to make money from the craft.

The biggest testimony for me came from those who never believed they could master the art of writing. Today, because of their commitment to getting better, they are writing like they were born with the skill. 

I say this many times to the writers I coach and those that come for our writing classes, “Writing is not as difficult as you think.” Yes, I understand that you find it very difficult to put your thoughts into words but with great discipline, this will become easier. We’ve had too many testimonies for me to be certain of this. That’s why there is one thing that I need you to do for me this year – go beyond saying you want to write

Talk is cheap and when it comes to achieving goals, talk holds no water. 

I remember this quiet but incredibly intelligent young lady I coached last year. She reached out to me on social media and told me how she had struggled to write a book for eight months. “Eight months? Surely it can’t be that deep!” I had to tell her this. During her first coaching session with me, I was determined to discover what the problem was. After talking with her for several minutes I found it. She talked so much about this book that it became a hindrance when she wanted to settle down to write. In fact, there were many months where she didn’t settle down to write at all. She kept writing in her head. Do you know what I told her? I asked her to take her laptop, open a blank document and just write using a guide and an outline that I shared with her. Four weeks later, that book was finished! 

It’s good to set goals and have big dreams but can you go beyond that stage and actually act on your dreams?

Yes, you don’t write so well. What can you do to change that this year? What steps can you take to ensure that your writing muscles are exercised weekly or even daily? If you lack motivation or inspiration, what can you do to get it?

Push away the excuses and take a step that you didn’t take last year to become better at your craft. You will be surprised at the results you will get. This is why I am very excited about the launch of our support group for writers, Sparkle Writers Pro. If what you need is 24-hour motivation, tips, resources and materials to help you write better, this support group is for you. We are going to work round the clock to make sure we turn you into the best writer you can be. Watch out for more details about Sparkle Writers Pro later today. 

Please remember that your dreams are valid and achievable only if you act! Be committed and consistent with your skill and most importantly, develop it. 

Happy new year once again!