The world doesn’t need another Shakespeare or J.K Rowling, it needs you!

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Shakespeare, J.K Rowling, Stephen King, Jeff Goins, Ernest Hemingway – we admire their work, we marvel at their creativity and definitely want to read more from them. What we don’t want is to read another person who is failing at trying to sound or write like they do! Nope we are not interested. 

Writing is simple; it is about looking at the world and saying what you see. If you are trying to say what someone else sees you will struggle for the most part of it. 

One sure way to ruin all your chances of becoming a good writer is by trying to be someone you’re not. The reason that you’re intimidated by other writers is probably because you think you need to become like them to be a good writer. Absolutely not. 

 The world is waiting for the manifestation of your talent! 


Sometimes you have to ignore the doubt and just write

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Most writers, if not all, go through a period of crippling doubt. There is this feeling that your work is not good enough. You’ve read it several times that all you have to do is to ‘ignore the doubt and just write’. Yet, you can’t get past the thought that your work is not good enough.

If this is something you can relate with, here are some practical steps that will help you conquer this self doubt;

  •  Be aware of peer pressure


If you’re hanging out with negative people, people who have lost their ability to chase their dreams, you’re at risk of becoming just like them. Find positive people who will validate your dreams and work ethics and support your journey.

  •  Accept that sometimes you are going to fail.

You are not always going to write well. You will get rejections. The number of rejections you receive doesn’t matter. You are not defeated until you let yourself be defeated. Once you have that mindset you will not easily get depressed when you have those moments.

  • Grow continually as a writer.

When you grow continually, it becomes easy to overcome self-doubt. Read how-to books, take classes, attend those writer meetings and listen to what other writers offer as advice. Above all, don’t stop writing the more you write the better you will become.

Talk to other writers. Writing can be an isolating experience. Sharing your feelings with another human being who is going through the exact same thing can be a cathartic experience for all involved.

You have a great gift. So do not allow self-doubt to diminish that gift.