The bright side of writer’s block

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As much as we do not believe in writer’s block, we know there are some writers who still struggle with it. Today we have discovered something fun…the bright side of writer’s block! 

Who ever thought that writer’s block could have a bright side? 

Firstly, if you want to get the best out of a writer’s block experience (since you insist you have it) you have to change the way you see it. You have to stop seeing the block as an enemy. If you continue to see writer’s block as the enemy, you would end up frustrated and anxious. This will further hinder the inspiration from coming at the time it should come.

Secondly, writer’s block is life’s way of saying, “Hey, writer, it is time for you to take a break and have fun.” It draws your attention to some areas of life that you probably have been missing out on. It could be a shopping experience, a movie, another genre of novel that you probably never considered reading, a sermon, a scrabble game, a walk around the neighborhood, a music album, playing the guitar, anything to take your mind off the task for some time. The list is endless really. Have you ever wondered why inspiration drops at times when you are not even deliberate about it? So, relax and be calm. Handle writer’s block like a pro.

Finally, writer’s block will help you develop patience as a writer. It will teach you how to go easy on yourself and bring you face to face with your humanity. When you write in that “lack of inspiration” state and feel like what you have written is not worth writing or reading, you have to understand that with just a little patience, you can make something beautiful out of a crappy piece of writing. Do not give up on your writing because of writer’s block. Look on the bright side and become better at your writing craft.

See that writers block isn’t so bad after all? 



Want to overcome writer’s block? You need these 5 tips

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Writer’s block is a pain every writer has to deal with. If you are a writer and you have never had writer’s block then hats off to you. Writer’s block is something that you cannot avoid as a writer.

So what do you do when you have writer’s block? We’ll tell you!

Step away from writing

Just do something else and refresh your brain. Writer’s block sometimes comes when your brain is clogged up. When you take a break, you unclutter your brain and who knows, an idea might just pop into your head and the flow will suddenly manifest.

Listen to music

This will be beneficial to those who love music. For this to work, it would be better to listen to music that is calm; not heavy metal or rock music. However, if rock music is what works for you, then go ahead and listen to it.


It’s another way to relax and take your mind off the work you are doing. Sometimes when you sleep when you have writer’s block, your subconscious is still at work and you will find that when you wake up, you can get into the flow of writing.

Do some research

This is particularly useful when you have a tight deadline and you can’t afford the luxury of doing the first three tips. Use Google. Simply do a search on the topic you want to write about and read the various things that come up from the search results. You can stumble on something that will unlock that creativity that went on a temporary holiday.

Just do it

Again, this is good for times when you have tight deadlines. Just start writing. When you have writer’s block, usually the last thing you want to do is think and that is what the writer’s block feeds on. You force your mind to think when you just start writing and the writer’s block will slowly give way to creative ideas.

As a professional writer, you don’t have the luxury of lounging in the pool of writer’s block for too long. Your money is on the line so you just have to get those creative juices flowing one way or the other. The interesting thing about writer’s block is that the solution for it is a personal one; not a one size fits all type. Feel free to tweak these tips to suit you. Don’t let writer’s block stop you from doing great things!