#WordOfTheDay – Don’t know what ‘splenetic’ means? Read this

It is time to learn a new word Sparkle Writers! Let’s get to it. 

Splenetic, pronounced /splɪˈnɛtɪk/, means to be marked by bad temper, malevolence, or spite. In previous times it was a word used to describe melancholics. 

Look at a few words that have the same meaning with splenetic; bad-temperedill-temperedangrywrathfulcrosspeevishpetulantpettishirritableirasciblecantankeouscholericdyspeptictestytetchy. 

We’d use this word in a few sentences and wait to read yours in the comments box. 

These are our own examples.

I emailed the article to Glory, warning her to avoid the splenetic comments at the bottom of the page.

Matthew was splenetic after his wife left him for another man.

See you next week when we bring another word!



#WordOfTheDay – Find out what inveterate means


We love it when we have the opportunity to learn new words. It is even better when we get to share those words with you! It’s time for our #WordOfTheDay on The Sparkle Writer’s Hub.

Today’s word is ‘inveterate’. Inveterate is an adjective that is pronounced /ɪnˈvɛt(ə)rət/. Ever heard of this word? 

It means to have a particular habit, activity, or interest that is long-established and unlikely to change. 

Look at these examples:

Politicians are inveterate liars.

I am an inveterate writer, what about you?

Find ways to use this word in a sentence this week. See you next week when we will have a new word for you.

#WordOfTheDay – This is what ‘Chicanery’ means

It’s time to learn a new word on The Sparkle Writers Hub!

Today’s word has a very interesting meaning and the word is ‘Chicanery’.

Pronounced \-ˈkān-rē, -ˈkā-nə-\, Chicanery means clever, dishonest talk or behaviour that is used to deceive people.

Here’s how to use it in a sentence;

  1. He wasn’t above using chicanery to win votes.

  2. That candidate only won the election through chicanery

Pretty easy right? Try using it in a sentence today. 

#WordOfTheDay- Learn what platitude means


pppIt’s Wednesday and time to learn a new word!

You already know what word we are learning so let’s begin. 

Platitude means the quality or state of being dull or insipid. It can also mean a banal, trite, or stale remark. Otherwise known as a cliche. 

These are examples of platitudes.:

Everything happens for a reason

Every cloud has a silver lining

But if you want to use platitude in a sentence You’d say something like: 

At my uncle’s funeral, I heard one platitude after another.

Your platitude is meaningless and does nothing for my anger

Now that you know, we hope you can recognize a platitude and use the word properly when you need to


#WordOfTheDay – Let us learn what erstwhile means


Hello Sparkle Writers, today’s word is erstwhile. We are almost sure you have heard this word before, but you may not know what it means 

Whether or not you’ve heard it before or you are not sure what it means, we’d talk about it. 

Why else do we have word of the day, if not to help with new words? 

Erstwhile means formerly. 

It’s as simple as that. Don’t be fooled by the grammar 

Here are a few words that mean the same thing as erstwhile: old, past, sometime, late, then, ex. 

Let’s use this word in a few sentences 

What had erstwhile been acres of wetland was eventually developed into a thriving residential neighborhood.

Seun was an erstwhile member of the dance club before becoming the director.

Now go ahead and use the word properly. 



#WordOfTheDay – Majordomo means …


Hey Sparkle Writers!

Are you ready for today’s word of the day? We’ve told you countless times why learning new words are important so we hope you take this segment seriously.

Today’s word is majordomo pronounced as ‘may-jer-DOH-moh’. It sounds a bit complex right? It is a noun that means the following;

1. A head steward of a large household (such as a palace)

2. A person who speaks, makes arrangements, or takes charge for another; broadly : the person who runs an enterprise

Pretty easy to remember.

Let’s use this word in a few sentences

Sola’s husband got a job in the palace as a majordomo

My company needs to hire a majordomo, will you help me?

#WordOfTheDay – You would not believe what this word means


Hey Sparkle Writers! We are excited about today’s Word of the Day probably because we found the word a bit strange too. 

The word is eighty six. Strange right? You need to know what it means. 

Eighty six is a slang that means to refuse to serve (a customer) or to get rid of  something

We are sure you didn’t even see that coming. 

Let’s use this word in a few sentences 

The bar’s policy is that bartenders have both the authority and responsibility to eighty-six customers who disrupt other patrons.

Our new governor eighty- sixed previous government reforms and is starting afresh. 

Did you like learning about today’s word? We hope to see you here next week Wednesday! 

#WordOfTheDay – Learn what smattering means

Hey Sparkle Writers, it’s time for #WordOfTheDay and the word we’re focusing on today is smattering

This word means  slight, superficial, or introductory knowledge of something. 

Have you ever heard this before? Well there you go.

Here are some words that are similar in meaning to this word: Amount, basics, bit, elements, small , little, rudiments, touch. 

Here are a few examples of how to use it in a sentence. 

I have a smattering knowledge of Latin

The architect has just a smattering knowledge of Technical Design. 

We hope you can use these words in sentences from now on. 


#WordOfTheDay – Learn what lief means


Hello and welcome to our vocabulary column where we learn new words and use them in sentences. This column helps us become better writers because words are every writer’s tool and the more words you know the better your writing gets.

Today’s word is lief. It has two meanings depending on how you are using it.

Lief as an adverb means willingly, readily without resistance.  However as an adjective it means beloved or treasured.

Let us make two sentences using this word;

I think I would lief cook for everyone as long as there is light. 

My lief bag was stolen today. You can imagine how I feel. 

Note that we used the word in two different circumstances.

Now go ahead and make your own sentences.

#WordOfTheDay – Can you guess what rectitude means?


We are continuing our #WordOfTheDay series with the word ‘rectitude.’ Anyone want to guess what it means?

Rectitude comes from the Latin noun ‘rectus,’ which means both “right” and “straight.”

The word means morally correct behavior or thinking; the quality or state of being correct in judgment or procedure.

This word shares similar meaning with decency, equity, fairness, integrity, principle, honor, justice, truthfulness, probity, honesty.

Look at these examples;

Aden’s rectitude inspired him to give his lottery winnings to charity.

My father’s clear, exhaustive and dignified style of treatment evidences his rectitude and nobility.

See you in the next class!