#WritingQuote – “To write is human to edit is divine.”

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“To write is human, to edit is divine.”-  Stephen King 

Everybody can write. That’s the absolute truth but your level of editing skills will make or mar your writing. 

When we pour out our hearts on paper we must always remember that it is a first draft and no matter how good it looks, it can be re-written to become much better. 

It is only amateur writers that would write and not bother to check for typos, punctuation and clarity of ideas in any piece. Failure to do so will affect the quality of your work and how you are perceived as a writer. 

Writers are detailed and diligent people. Don’t give your readers a wrong impression about you because of the quality of your work. When next you write, take out time to look carefully and edit where necessary!


This is why you shouldn’t write and edit at the same time


Have you ever tried to write a paragraph, rewrite it, read it again and found out it wasn’t capturing your idea perfectly so you edited once again?

How long did that last? Not so long most likely.

We bet you probably ended that writing session without achieving more than that paragraph. How long will you do that before you finish writing a short story? Maybe six months. 

Yes we said it, six months. 

When you try to write and edit at the same time, you’re doing TWO different activities.

The part of your brain that must write to get ideas out of your head and organise them — your internal writer — shies away from your inner editor.

The part of your brain that takes your first draft and turns it into something that shines — your internal editor — does his or her best work when you have a complete first draft.

Get the idea written down. Make sure you have emptied your heart out on paper. Then edit ruthlessly. You’d record more achievements. 

Trust us. 

#ChroniclesOfAWriter -Why you need to leverage your network


Hello. Welcome to this week’s #ChroniclesOfAWriter post. I want to share something that I feel a lot of writers take for granted a lot and that is leveraging their network.

Most writers tend to be introverts. They like to be in their own space which allows them to tune into their creative side. I’m like that. I feel great when I’m in my room, listening to music and working on my laptop with little or no noise from my family members. That is my zone and I love it.

However, clients won’t come my way if I keep staying indoors. I’ve forced myself out of the house to go for events so that I do not miss out on opportunities to network with other writers and potential clients. This has helped me a lot.

You need to brush up your networking skills if you want writing to pay your bills. You must go for writing related events. You must advertise yourself and show people what you can do. No event is too small or insignificant because you never know who you will meet.

Every time I go for an event or conference, I always find someone who needs my services. Every time. One thing I will advice is for you to practice your one-minute pitch. If someone should ask you to tell them what you do, can you capture all that informationn in one minute or less? If you can’t, you need to start practicing.

After you meet people, you also need to stay in touch with them. They may not bring projects your way initially, but over time, it will happen or they will refer people to you. That has been my experience.

People only refer people that they trust. Find a way to gain the trust of your network. When anyone talks about writing, editing or creating content, your name must be the first that comes up in the minds of those who are within your network.

Later this month, I will be teaching 10 writers how they can leverage their platforms and become visible to potential clients. You should register for the course. You will learn what you need to do to make money as a writer.

Remember, your network is very important. Don’t take networking for granted and use social media properly to increase your chances of getting clients.

Writing can be a rewarding career; it all depends on the effort that you put into the process.

Quote of the Day – It’s ok if you can’t find the right words


Do you sometimes find it difficult to express yourself when you write or finding the right words sometimes is a challenge? Don’t worry, you are not a bad writer. In fact it is perfectly normal.

There are times you will write over and over again before you find the words that best express what you want to say. Hemingway wrote the ending of his book, Farewell to Arms, thirty-nine times before he was satisfied! Can you believe that?

So don’t beat yourself down and don’t over think the process. Start by writing from your heart. Then edit; change words where necessary. Make what you’ve written in a way that is simple for your readers to understand and easier to digest.

It might take you days for you to be satisfied that your work is good to go but please, don’t get frustrated!

Always going crazy because of a deadline? You can avoid it


How many times has your heart skipped a beat when you remember that your deadline is close and your manuscript is not anywhere near finished? So many writers become a shadow of themselves and almost go crazy when the deadline is near and the work is far from done.

This should not be. Want to know how to avoid going crazy because of deadlines? Keep reading.

Plan ahead. Schedule your work and make a list of all the things you have to write with the deadlines beside each task. Place this schedule where you can always read it. This is simple trick but it is often ignored.

Avoid procrastination. When you have work to do, do it. Procrastination kills time and stresses you out. You will eventually have to do that work you have put aside at a less convenient time.

Take one day at a time. Break down your projects into smaller tasks. You may not be able to write an entire book in a day but you can start writing the first chapter today. If it is an article you can start by thinking of what you want to write. Once this is done, make an outline and schedule when you want to add flesh to the outline. Take one little step at a time and avoid distractions or getting overwhelmed.

Do all you possibly can not to miss a deadline. Editors do not appreciate writers who always have the finest excuses as to why they couldn’t meet up. If you want to be seen as a professional writer, avoid excuses. .

There are other ways of meeting deadlines, can you share some of yours with us?

Finding it difficult to write from the heart? This will help

       by Adedotun Adejoorin


How many times have you read this sentence; “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart” and you have no clue how to achieve that. We know how you feel. Today we are going to tell you what you need to do to start writing from the heart.

Writers who communicate from their hearts have a better chance at succeeding than those who write casually without making any connection with the reader. The reason is simple; your reader can detect originality and emotion in articles and once it is missing it will be very hard to connect with them on a deeper level.

You should always strive to write from the heart using your creative power, because what you feel when you write will come through in your articles. Wondering how you can do this? These five points will get you started.

Get a writing space. Apart from when you get ideas in the spur of the moment and you excitedly jot everything down, you need to have a place where you sit down to write. Whether it is by your bed side, in the park, on a desk in your living room or by the window, find somewhere where you’ll calm and you will have room to think without distraction. Over time you’ll begin to see that place as your writing hub.

Carry a notebook with you. Imagine this; an idea pops into your head, something beautiful that made your heart sing immediately you thought of it but there is nowhere to jot it down? That would be quite upsetting, wouldn’t it? Always carry your note pad (with a pen of course) and when a sequence of words comes to you and thrills your heart, write it down. If you prefer, you can type it as a note on your phone.

Embrace your uniqueness. Do not try to be like somebody else. Write from your heart, not somebody else’s. Do not copy Chimamanda Adichie or Wole Soyinka just because you like their style. It is theirs. Find yours and be comfortable with it. Although there is nothing wrong with admiring the works of other writers, be yourself.

Flow without editing. Pour out your heart on that blank page uncensored and without fear. Fear makes you resistant. You will begin to wonder if anyone will give a hoot about your openness. Do not let this conquer you. Write fearlessly and unapologetically. Once you are done with the first draft you can edit it.

Live life. This will give you rich experiences to write about. When you live life you can write about it from a deep sense of view because you know what it is and can explain to your readers.

We challenge you to write something from your heart today. You can send it to us to review it and give you feedback too 🙂