5 tips to help you coin the best title for your book


How many of you reading this post right now were not drawn to it by the title? You probably clicked the link to this post because the headline triggered your interest. The same situation could be obtainable in a bookshop or library. The first thing that catches your attention in such a place could either be the title of the book or the design of the book cover.

Titles are not to be chosen haphazardly. Titles are like the sun around which the entire writing revolves round and if it is done wrong, your book will suffer for it. We have some tips to help in guiding you towards the choice of a title. They are as follows:

Avoid one-word titles

This is relevant because one word titles would make it difficult to distinguish between your book and other online articles with the same word in them. For example, if your choice for a title is “Thrones” and somebody wants to search for your book on the web, it would be almost impossible for your book to come up on the first page because there are so many articles on the web containing “thrones” in them.

Give your readers a hint.

This simply means that your titles should be crafted in such a way that it gives a hint of what the book is about and creates suspense in the mind of the potential reader at the same time.

Avoid duplicates.

This involves surfing the web to know if your intended title has already been used before. If you do not do this, you might find yourself as the author of a book with the same title as some other renowned author. The implication of finding yourself in that spot is that your work as an author would, most likely, be perceived as lacking originality.

Capture your niche.

This simply means that your title should encapsulate the genre in which your book belongs. Do not title a fiction book like it is a science fiction book or a memoir. Make sure the title gives your potential readers a clue as to what they should expect from the book.

Make it simple and easy to remember.

You definitely do not want to give your book a title that people would struggle to remember. Make sure that your title is simple and can roll off the tongue easily.

We really do hope these tips helped you!