5 Storytelling Mistakes You Must Avoid as a Blogger

Blogging is fun. It requires you to share a story with your readers. This story could be about your experience, thoughts or events happening around you.

If you want your readers to keep flocking to your blog, you need to master the art of storytelling. Bloggers are story tellers. Didn’t you know that? Well, now you do and today we have some storytelling mistakes that you must avoid so that your readers can have the best experience when they visit your blog. 

Writing the stories you want to read. 

Yes, we know it’s your blog but if you keep writing only the stories you want to read, you will alienate your readers. You must be wondering, ‘Doesn’t this conflict with the advice to write from my heart and write the things I am passionate about?’ No it doesn’t.

While you are free to choose the theme you want to write on, you must write your story in a way that will be interesting to your audience. It’s not just about the story but how you tell it.

Forcing yourself to sound like a storyteller.

Authenticity is key when it comes to storytelling. When you tell yourself that you must sound like a storyteller, you can be assured that you are doing it wrong. Don’t force the story neither should you try to fake it. Authenticity goes a long way in telling stories effectively.

One tip we can give is for you to make your story as real as possible. You can use real people and real events to achieve this. 

Prolonging the story beyond what is necessary

Storytelling doesn’t mean you have to write an epistle. This is not a series or a book. It is a blog. Make your story short, sweet and simple. When a story drags on, it may get boring and you don’t want your readers to be bored right?

If you want to write a long story, consider breaking it into parts and let your readers anticipate the next installment. 

Starting in a boring way

The story may be great but if the opening sentences are boring, you may have wasted a good story. Your readers may not get to the end or read the interesting parts of the story.

Sometimes, the best place to start a story isn’t right at the beginning. Come up with creative ways to start your story. This is will make your readers eager to read more. 

Not having a main point of focus

What’s the point of writing a pointless story? You would have wasted both your time and energy. Let your story have a key message; something your readers will take away at the end. Even if the story is just to make your readers smile, write in a way that you will allow you to easily achieve this purpose. The last thing you want is for your reader to get to the end of your story and say, “What did I just read?” 

Always bear in mind that honing your storytelling skills comes with practice and the content you consume. Visit blogs where the owner tells beautiful stories. It will rub off on your own storytelling skills. 


Every blogger needs to read this

3 ways to get great pictures for your blog

How do you feel when you see bloggers who write posts and get 20 comments, 100 shares and even gets endorsement deals because of their blog. It makes you wonder what you are not doing right.

We saw this quote and we were encouraged and being the great people that we are, we have decided to share. This quote was shared by Darren Rowse.  He said

99.9% of great bloggers are not awesome on day one. Their awesomeness is the accumulation of the value they create over time.”

How profound is that? 

This means that you have no business getting envious of other bloggers and their successes because they have done so much work overtime to get to that point. You can’t be blogging for one month and expect the same results as someone who has been blogging consistently for one year. 

No blogger becomes perfect by writing just one blog post. Perfection and mastery comes from blogging over and over and over again. So if you are feeling depressed as to why you are not seeing results be rest assured that they will come you just have to keep blogging.  The more you blog the better you become at editing posts, creating images and sharing your thoughts. 

We know that there are some people who will argue that they’ve been blogging for a while and still no results. Our advice is this keep blogging your time will come. 


These tools will help you blog like a boss

3 ways to get great pictures for your blog.png

Sparkle Writers, how are you doing? and your blog? Fine we hope.

You know how time consuming it is to manage a blog right? It’s even more difficult when you are trying to do things right. In between finding the right images for your blog, editing the images and posting on facebook, twitter and instagram time never seems enough. 

Here are a few tools that can help you blog like a boss.


Ever heard of this amazing community? It has a pool of experts that can help you with several blog activities. Logo design, template creation, programming and lots more. All you need to do is get started by signing in. What’s best? It costs $5dollars. Well you can get them for that amount or higher, depending on what you want. 


Grammarly is a great tool  that helps you improve your writing. It helps to correct your typos and grammatical errors. What do you think about having something that helps you edit your work just as you are typing.  Well that’s if you sync it with your computer. Grammarly is that tool that can work for you.


What serious blogger does not communicate with his reader via email? Not sure there is any. Mailchimp helps you send messages to your reader, talk about blog posts and grow your community. They have free and paid versions so you can choose what plan suits you.  



How responsive is your blog design?


Hey Sparkle Writers, did you know that mobile users spend more than 63 percent of their time on their phones accessing mobile websites and apps? 

So what do you think this means to you as a blogger? Your blog design must be responsive enough to accommodate all kind of users. 

Mobiles and tablets are now a primary source of web traffic all over the world.

If your theme doesn’t respond well to the smaller mobile screens there is a good chance you will be losing valuable traffic as people click away to find something easier to navigate

If you want to keep these people there’s only one way to do it, make your blog design responsive. 

You can use this to test to find out if it is responsive or not.

We’ve checked ours and its very responsive! 





Your blog is a brand; treat it as such


We know there are many reasons why you could have started your blog.  For a lot of people, they started their blog because they needed something, somewhere to document their thoughts and words but as time goes on you will realize that there is more to your blog than just documenting your thoughts. 

Your blog is a brand. Your brand (Yes you read that right). It is a brand and you should begin to treat it as that. 

If you haven’t realized that yet, it’s probably because you have not taken deliberate steps to make it one. 

Here are a few things you can do to change that;

Give your blog a tagline.

A tagline adds insight into your blog’s personality and content that is integral to your brand. Consider your blog’s focus and keywords. For example, the Sparkle Writers uses simple facts to truths to encourage writers not to give up . Ours is this ” We believe every writer has a sparkle. We can help you discover yours.”

Choose a memorable address.

While options such as WordPress.com and Blogger are freely available, it’s advisable that you start using your own URL for your blog. This gives your blog its individual identity. Don’t use just any name, use something memorable, a name your readers will easily remember. 

Be distinctive and original

Your blog must be original to be an authentic brand. Don’t go copying other people’s  blog posts and ideas just to keep your blog alive Remember our post on copying blog posts?  It’s not just right. A brand should not be built on copying and piracy or plagiarism. It should carry your essence and only you can make that happen. 


Your ideas are valuable

Your ideas are valuable

If you are a blogger then you already know that blogging is not all cake and ice cream. You need a lot of work and plenty ideas to keep your blog running. One post per month will not do justice. 

So how do you keep your blog running properly? The trick is to maximize every idea you get. No idea is useless and you have to learn that.  To keep the content coming, you need to have ideas to write about. When you get an idea, write it down. You don’t have to use it now but just write it down. You never can tell when that idea will make sense to you. 

Again, no idea is useless. So when next you get inspired by something seemingly unimportant, grab your journal and note it. A day will come when you’d want to develop that idea but if you can’t remember the topic how you will you flesh out an article?

Another option is to curate content from others or do an alternative post, such as using video.

Whatever option you go for, just know that every idea is valuable. You never know who needs to read that next post. 

This is why bloggers must be honest


Blogging can be a very attractive activity. Just knowing that you have a tribe of people who love you and are loyal to you is enough. Most times bloggers tend to inflate the truth  or edit their reality just to make people interested. You want to pretend to be who you are not because other bloggers are doing it. 

Here’s a piece of advice. 

Stop faking it. Bloggers who are not honest will not last. You will not be able to keep up for a long time. Imagine having to always put up a picture with your face made up because you’ve made your readers believe that you are a beauty enthusiast when in fact you have days when you just want to walk around with your bare face. 

When you write, write honestly. Don’t try to fake another bloggers writing voice because you think that’s why he has so many readers. It won’t work. 

Readers sense fakes a mile away.

Most times you want to follow the trends, when they say there is a new style in your niche you immediately want to jump on it and even put your on twist to it.  After all blogging and trends have a lot in common. But you must be careful so you don’t loose yourself and essence in all the trends. 

Your readers love you, they want to see you don’t disappoint them. 


This is why you should not set unrealistic publishing schedules


Hey Blogger, 

How are you doing? We know that you have heard how important it is to publish posts frequently on your blog and as a result it is not strange for you to decide that you will henceforth publish a blog post everyday. 

How realistic is that though? Let’s think about it. Can you really post Monday to Sunday? Do you know how much work that would require? 

At first, you’re going to think that publishing every day won’t be tough at all – it will be tough and days will come when you will begin to slow down and get really overwhelmed. 

We are not saying you should not have a schedule at all. That isn’t good but you need to make sure that your plan is realistic and workable. 

When you publish too frequently (or infrequently), you create an unpredictable pattern that can frustrate your readers and cost you an audience.

Be honest with yourself and start small. Commit to publishing on a schedule that makes sense for your real life and other obligations. Space out your posts (don’t publish five all at once!) so that you have a steady stream of content to keep people coming back.

Does that sound okay to you? We hope it does. 

This is how to switch things up on your blog


Hey Blogger. It’s been a whole week since our last blogging post and today we want to talk about how to switch things up on your blog when things seem to be falling apart or when you are getting bored with it. 

We will give you three points but please note that there are several ways to switch things up on your blog.

The first thing you can do is: 

Host a giveaway

Who doesn’t like something free? If your blog is down on readership one of the fastest things you can do is host a giveaway. Link the giveaway to a blog post and direct the traffic to your blog. Make sure the gift is something that will be useful to your readers so that they feel encouraged to join. 

Create a list of something 

People are lazy. They don’t want to waste time on searching and gathering information. That’s the reason why lists are popular. Create a TOP10, or better yet, a TOP100 list. Lists of movies, books, influential people, or any other topic can easily generate buzz. Just make sure its something that will benefit your followers. So if your blog is a travel blog create a list on your favorite restaurants in a particular city and see how much  people respond to it. 

Interview someone 

Do you know any celebrity or someone who has a great story behind their work/life/career? Try an interview. It gives your blog a different feel and adds some spice to it. Make sure that whoever you interview has something that will add value to your readers.

Or why do you want to add some spice to your blog if not because of them? 

Remember that when you are getting tired of your blog, it is probably time to spice things up. You should never be afraid of change things up. 

This is what makes you inconsistent with your blog


There are too many blogs out there for yours to be ordinary or don’t you think so? What’s even worse there’s probably someone else blogging about the same theme you are blogging about. So what makes yours different or why should readers read your blog instead of another? In fact what makes some blogs visible and others not so much?

Consistency. This is one of the biggest problems every blogger faces. Whether it’s because of a seeming lack of words or the fact that life happens or sheer laziness many bloggers struggle with staying consistent.

Today we are highlighting how these factors can inhibit consistency and ultimately reduce your blogs ratings.

No plan

If you started a blog just because and have no plan on how to sustain it and keep it flowing with fresh content you will soon become inconsistent, it is only a matter of time. If you have not started your blog yet, you have time to do things right. Decide how many times a week you want to post and follow up on that. Don’t let your readers and the internet as a whole see you as lazy. If this happens, you and your blog will not be taken seriously.


It’s easy to say “I will do it later” but most times later becomes never. When you remember that you have to prepare a blog post do your best not to shift it for later. Whatever needs to be done should be done by all means. There is no use procrastinating. Can you imagine if procrastination stoops you from posting in almost a whole month?

You’d most likely lose a lot of loyal followers.

This and a lot more is what inconsistency is doing to your blog.

It’s time to do things differently.