If you do this your blog will not grow

Every blogger wants a responsive, irresistible, if possible, money making blog. However, there are a few things you do that can affect the growth of your blog.

One of them is failing to promote your content WELL. Note that we didn’t just say failing to promote your content. Do you just send broadcast messages to the few contacts on your WhatsApp list and forget about that post? That’s definitely not enough. 

You need to ensure you add sharing buttons to your blog articles and share content at peak times of your audience’s social activity.

You may be wondering why. We’ll tell you.   

Blogging is a very time sensitive work. Don’t just think you can write, publish and share content whenever you want. You must be sensitive to timing to get the optimum engagement. 

Other important things you can do include:

  • Sharing your article on social networking sites with images (to make them more attractive)
  • Sharing content multiple times on social media sites
  • Keeping up with your content by responding to comments etc.
  • Encouraging your blog authors, contributors, team members, friends and family to use their social networks to help share your blog content.

For your blog to grow, you need to be intentional about it. Put in the work and you will see the results. 

Here’s what you need to know about changing the name of your blog


Have you been thinking of changing the name of your blog but you think you would be committing a criminal offence under the blogging code if you actually do.

Fear not!  Today’s post has come to your rescue!

Just like your personal name, the name of your is super important. It is literally the first thing that anyone notices about your blog and it helps to pass a strong message about what your blog is about.

When you want to change your personal name there are so many things to consider. The same aplies when you are thinking of changing the name of your blog. It is possible to outgrow a name when it comes to blogging but you must take precaution. 

You have to consider the following;

How important is it?

Is it really that important? A name is not something you play with. Why do you want to change the name, and essentially your identity online? Because you feel like it? Because the current name doesn’t exemplify what the blog is about anymore? You need to answer all these questions.

How far gone have you gone in the blogging game?

For popular bloggers, it may be difficult to change their name because they have spent so much time, energy and money in turning that name into a brand. If your readers are already accustomed to the name of your blog you may want to think twice before you change that name.

Match your blog’s new name with a domain. 

If it’s imperative that you change the name of your blog please make sure that you do all you can to match the blog’s name and domain (URL). As you’re considering what to change your name to, do a search to see if the domain is available (and try to get the .com and .net). Having your blog name and URL match isn’t just good SEO, it’s an easy way for people to find you. If a reader can remember the name of your blog, she can remember your URL and find you. 

Match your brand throughout your social media accounts. 

Once you change the name of your blog update the change on all your social media accounts. Let your followers know and change your bio information where you need to. It is not nice to confuse everyone. 

We hope this was helpful! 



Do this when you don’t know what to blog about

Medieval (1)

You have decided to be consistent with blogging and you even went ahead to set a target for yourself. The only issue is that you don’t know what your next post will be about. 

We have a suggestion for you – Do something interesting and then write about it.

If you really think you are stuck, do this and it will fix all your problems. Life is way easier to write about when you’re doing something interesting. Don’t you think so? Take a course, tick activities off your bucket list, say hello to a stranger on your way from work. It doesn’t have to be anything super serious but it must be interesting enough to catch the attention of your blog readers. 

You never can tell, they may like the post so much and request that you make that post a regular one on your blog. This would however not happen if you do not try it out first. 

Blogging doesn’t have to be so straight jacketed and boring. Try new things and have fun while you are at it. Just make sure that you don’t use writer’s block as an excuse not to write. You know what we think about it already. 

What to know before you create a social media page for your blog

Hello Sparkle Writers. Last time, we talked about the difference between getting traffic and building an online community. Since the post was such a hit we figured we would do a sequel on what you need to put in place before you think of building a community. Grab your notepad because there’s so much to learn!

It is a lot of work.

Make no mistake about it. Opening a Facebook page, WhatsApp group or any other social media platform for the sake of growing your online community is a lot of work. If you are not ready to commit to doing ALL it takes, it is better you don’t start. There are too many abandoned pages on social media. Yours should not be part of it.

Your followers won’t increase overnight.

Those popular bloggers with one million views on Youtube have put in several months and sometimes years of work to get to where they are. Do not expect that in three weeks you’d achieve what they have in three years. Your followers will grow, it will just not be overnight.

You need to be consistent.

If you want to post three times a week then do so. Whatever frequency you decide to go with, make sure you follow it diligently. Remember you are managing a page. You can’t afford to go silent on the group and allow members to do what they please.

Giveaways alone don’t cut it.

Don’t misquote us. Giveaways are good, not just good, they are great! But if that is your only strategy to increase your readers then you’ve failed before you even started. Your content is KING and that’s one sure way of gaining loyal followers giveaway or no giveaway. Many people will like your page, follow you on Instagram and share your post because they want to win.  What you post afterwards determines where they’d stay.

We hope this helped!

Blogging advice from top bloggers you need to be aware of

We welcome you to our blogging series. We hope you have been able to implement some of the tips we’ve shared so far and you’re seeing a difference. Today, we’ve curated some useful advice from top bloggers which we know you will find useful and also learn from. 

The Edit Button is Your Friend. No one is perfect. You will make mistakes. That’s why the edit button is there. As you write from your heart, make sure you also edit your post. There’s no excuse for not checking your grammar and spelling even after you hit ‘publish’. 

Schedule in Advance. Set out a few hours on a specific day, sit down, write your blog posts for a week and schedule. It’s one of the ways to beat writer’s block down the line and it’s a great way of making sure that you always have content on your blog. 

Be Mindful of What Happens Behind the Scenes. The fact that you just published your post does not mean that is the end of the story. There are things you still have to do. Encourage your friends to read your post. Share links on social media and get your friends to share those links. Go back to the post a few times to check for any comments and respond. Don’t disappear as soon as you publish your post.

From the Beginning, Be Serious. Take your blog seriously right from the moment you decide to create it. Do everything excellently from the content you post to the type of images you use. Imagine you are already making millions of dollars from your post and treat it that way. If you really love your blog, you will do all you can to make sure it is the best. 

Avoid Comparisons. You are not the next blogger. Both of you may be writing about the same thing, the look and feel of your blogs may be the same but you are two different people. Never lose sight of that. Focus on your goal. Focus on the value that you want to add and what you want your readers to get out of your blog. Let that be your driving force. It will take you to the top. 

Develop Your Community. Remember we told you not to disappear the moment you publish your post? Well, it’s because blogging is about community. Use your blog to build a community of loyal followers. You can do that by providing them with valuable advice and tips. You can share your successes and things that have worked with your followers. Reach out to know the issues they are facing and provide solutions if you can or direct them to where they can get solutions to those problems. 

Enjoy the Journey. Success from blogging is not something that happens in a day. The journey can sometimes be slow and time-consuming but it is nonetheless rewarding. You need to be patient. Yes, you only have 10 views at the moment but stick with it. That number will increase with consistency and time. The monetization, the comments, the page views, the social media numbers – they will all come eventually if you keep at it and you are dedicated.

Give your blog the best and you will get the best out of it. 


Your blog readers mean much more than you think


How many times do bloggers try so hard to get more readers, get more likes, more shares and more comments.

Countless number of times. All in a bid to have a great blog. All these are good but one of the most important aspects of your blog is are your readers.

Can you imagine producing great content day in day out for your readers. Every time you publish a blog post, there is a tribe waiting to read and if possible comment and share. In no distant future you will increase your followers, readers and community because those people will share the content they love with their friends. 

However if you focus on just promoting posts, begging people to follow you, you may not get that. large following. 

When people love what they see and notice that you are consistent they will advertise your blog for you. 

Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers. Identify what your readers want, like and need and stick to it. Your followership will increase in leaps and bounds. 

Every blogger needs to read this

3 ways to get great pictures for your blog

How do you feel when you see bloggers who write posts and get 20 comments, 100 shares and even gets endorsement deals because of their blog. It makes you wonder what you are not doing right.

We saw this quote and we were encouraged and being the great people that we are, we have decided to share. This quote was shared by Darren Rowse.  He said

99.9% of great bloggers are not awesome on day one. Their awesomeness is the accumulation of the value they create over time.”

How profound is that? 

This means that you have no business getting envious of other bloggers and their successes because they have done so much work overtime to get to that point. You can’t be blogging for one month and expect the same results as someone who has been blogging consistently for one year. 

No blogger becomes perfect by writing just one blog post. Perfection and mastery comes from blogging over and over and over again. So if you are feeling depressed as to why you are not seeing results be rest assured that they will come you just have to keep blogging.  The more you blog the better you become at editing posts, creating images and sharing your thoughts. 

We know that there are some people who will argue that they’ve been blogging for a while and still no results. Our advice is this keep blogging your time will come. 


These tools will help you blog like a boss

3 ways to get great pictures for your blog.png

Sparkle Writers, how are you doing? and your blog? Fine we hope.

You know how time consuming it is to manage a blog right? It’s even more difficult when you are trying to do things right. In between finding the right images for your blog, editing the images and posting on facebook, twitter and instagram time never seems enough. 

Here are a few tools that can help you blog like a boss.


Ever heard of this amazing community? It has a pool of experts that can help you with several blog activities. Logo design, template creation, programming and lots more. All you need to do is get started by signing in. What’s best? It costs $5dollars. Well you can get them for that amount or higher, depending on what you want. 


Grammarly is a great tool  that helps you improve your writing. It helps to correct your typos and grammatical errors. What do you think about having something that helps you edit your work just as you are typing.  Well that’s if you sync it with your computer. Grammarly is that tool that can work for you.


What serious blogger does not communicate with his reader via email? Not sure there is any. Mailchimp helps you send messages to your reader, talk about blog posts and grow your community. They have free and paid versions so you can choose what plan suits you.  



Your blog is a brand; treat it as such


We know there are many reasons why you could have started your blog.  For a lot of people, they started their blog because they needed something, somewhere to document their thoughts and words but as time goes on you will realize that there is more to your blog than just documenting your thoughts. 

Your blog is a brand. Your brand (Yes you read that right). It is a brand and you should begin to treat it as that. 

If you haven’t realized that yet, it’s probably because you have not taken deliberate steps to make it one. 

Here are a few things you can do to change that;

Give your blog a tagline.

A tagline adds insight into your blog’s personality and content that is integral to your brand. Consider your blog’s focus and keywords. For example, the Sparkle Writers uses simple facts to truths to encourage writers not to give up . Ours is this ” We believe every writer has a sparkle. We can help you discover yours.”

Choose a memorable address.

While options such as WordPress.com and Blogger are freely available, it’s advisable that you start using your own URL for your blog. This gives your blog its individual identity. Don’t use just any name, use something memorable, a name your readers will easily remember. 

Be distinctive and original

Your blog must be original to be an authentic brand. Don’t go copying other people’s  blog posts and ideas just to keep your blog alive Remember our post on copying blog posts?  It’s not just right. A brand should not be built on copying and piracy or plagiarism. It should carry your essence and only you can make that happen. 


Your ideas are valuable

Your ideas are valuable

If you are a blogger then you already know that blogging is not all cake and ice cream. You need a lot of work and plenty ideas to keep your blog running. One post per month will not do justice. 

So how do you keep your blog running properly? The trick is to maximize every idea you get. No idea is useless and you have to learn that.  To keep the content coming, you need to have ideas to write about. When you get an idea, write it down. You don’t have to use it now but just write it down. You never can tell when that idea will make sense to you. 

Again, no idea is useless. So when next you get inspired by something seemingly unimportant, grab your journal and note it. A day will come when you’d want to develop that idea but if you can’t remember the topic how you will you flesh out an article?

Another option is to curate content from others or do an alternative post, such as using video.

Whatever option you go for, just know that every idea is valuable. You never know who needs to read that next post.