If you do this your blog will not grow

Every blogger wants a responsive, irresistible, if possible, money making blog. However, there are a few things you do that can affect the growth of your blog.

One of them is failing to promote your content WELL. Note that we didn’t just say failing to promote your content. Do you just send broadcast messages to the few contacts on your WhatsApp list and forget about that post? That’s definitely not enough. 

You need to ensure you add sharing buttons to your blog articles and share content at peak times of your audience’s social activity.

You may be wondering why. We’ll tell you.   

Blogging is a very time sensitive work. Don’t just think you can write, publish and share content whenever you want. You must be sensitive to timing to get the optimum engagement. 

Other important things you can do include:

  • Sharing your article on social networking sites with images (to make them more attractive)
  • Sharing content multiple times on social media sites
  • Keeping up with your content by responding to comments etc.
  • Encouraging your blog authors, contributors, team members, friends and family to use their social networks to help share your blog content.

For your blog to grow, you need to be intentional about it. Put in the work and you will see the results. 


Your blog is a brand; treat it as such


We know there are many reasons why you could have started your blog.  For a lot of people, they started their blog because they needed something, somewhere to document their thoughts and words but as time goes on you will realize that there is more to your blog than just documenting your thoughts. 

Your blog is a brand. Your brand (Yes you read that right). It is a brand and you should begin to treat it as that. 

If you haven’t realized that yet, it’s probably because you have not taken deliberate steps to make it one. 

Here are a few things you can do to change that;

Give your blog a tagline.

A tagline adds insight into your blog’s personality and content that is integral to your brand. Consider your blog’s focus and keywords. For example, the Sparkle Writers uses simple facts to truths to encourage writers not to give up . Ours is this ” We believe every writer has a sparkle. We can help you discover yours.”

Choose a memorable address.

While options such as WordPress.com and Blogger are freely available, it’s advisable that you start using your own URL for your blog. This gives your blog its individual identity. Don’t use just any name, use something memorable, a name your readers will easily remember. 

Be distinctive and original

Your blog must be original to be an authentic brand. Don’t go copying other people’s  blog posts and ideas just to keep your blog alive Remember our post on copying blog posts?  It’s not just right. A brand should not be built on copying and piracy or plagiarism. It should carry your essence and only you can make that happen. 


Here are a few things your guest post guidelines must have


Like we said in last week’s post, guest posts are really good but you have to set guidelines. These guidelines will guide your relationship with guest writers on your blog and help maintain peace.

Here are a few things your guidelines must contain;

  • Content must be unique and relevant to your readers

This is very important. There is no point featuring posts that have nothing to do with your blog or won’t enrich your readers. You will be shooting yourself in the leg. You can even lose followers if guest posts are irrelevant.

Expressly state that you want every post to be relevant to your blog theme else you will reject it. In addition to this please include that links attached to the content must contain only useful information.

  • You need to own the content

Although you will credit the writer, every guest post you publish on your blog should become your own or else you’d keep seeing the post on every blog. The writer of the article can re-post on his blog if he wishes.

  • Image requirements

Do you want your guest bloggers to add pictures to the posts themselves? State it. Do you require a certain level of quality from the pictures? Highlight it. However, keep in mind that whatever images you post must be properly attributed.

  • Edit requirement.  

Although this may sound funny you need to state expressly that you have the right to edit whatever content is sent to you. Some writers don’t like people touching their work so you’ve got to be really specific to avoid any misunderstanding.

With these tips, you can go ahead and write your guidelines for guest posts on your blog.