#PickOfTheWeek – Go for it

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Hey there Sparkle Writers! Who’s ready for our #PickOfTheWeek?  Four amazing pieces will be featured again. 

Yetunde has been on our #WriterSpotlight and we learnt a lot so you can tell that featuring her today is going to be pretty inspiring. She said something pretty simple but direct. If you want something then go for it! That’s how it works. 



farmto table (1)Kintola sure brought her A-game on with this post. Like why do we have to wait for people to celebrate an validate us before we feel good about yourself and work? Give yourself a standing ovation and continue. farmto table (2)We’d give you one reason why we love this particular piece even though there are many reasons. We strongly believe you don’t need anyone to complete you. Zafeerah outlined this properly.farmto table (3) Sometimes you beat yourself  up over the little mistakes you make but the point is you’re still making progress.  Some others aren’t even making effort. You are definitely on the right path just don’t stop. farmto table


#GrammarSeries – Abbreviations and how to use them

the rules of comparison

Hello Sparkle Writers, we know you have heard of abbreviations and you’ve probably used them a number of times but today we want to school you on the proper way to use them in case you’ve been making a mistake. 

Abbreviations are shorter versions of existing words and phrases. They’re designed to save time and take up less space (whether you’re typing or writing by hand) and can even make your writing easier to read.

We know that abbreviations are usually formed using the most recognizable letters from the word or expression. This makes them easier to remember, and easy for others to read. It’s almost like the letters are clues that point to the original word or expression.

Mister – Mr

Miles per hour- mph

New York City- NYC

Make sure to always pronounce abbreviations like you pronounce the original word. 

So if you have been pronouncing etc as etc, you are wrong. It should be pronounced as etcetera. 

Many people wonder whether or not they have to put the period mark at the end of an abbreviation. Our answer is this – although there is no rule that says you must put period, using it makes your words easier to read. 

That’s all for now. Until next week, keep your grammar in check


#GrammarSeries: Let’s talk about double comparisons

the rules of comparison

Hey Sparkle Writers. It’s Tuesday and as you already know on The Sparkle Writer’s Hub, it’s time for our Grammar Series!

Who is excited?

Wondering why we are excited about grammar? It’s because every part of our lives as writers needs to be taken care of and grammar is definitely one of them.

Now to today’s topic. 

Double comparison simply means placing side by side two comparative words. Most people make this mistake unconsciously but it is not correct. Some are not aware that it is a grammatical error but as writers, we can’t afford to make such errors. Can we?

Let’s look at a few examples;

Spaghetti is more easier to cook than Jollof rice

Since the words ‘more’ and ‘easier’ are in their comparative forms, this sentence is grammatically wrong..

Corrected: Spaghetti is easier to cook than Jollof rice.

There are however some words that need more to be added to them to get its comparative form. This is an example. 

Example: ‘Beautiful’ is not in its comparative form until we add ‘more’.

She is more beautiful than her sister.

Hope you’ve got it. See you next week!

#WordOfTheDay – Let us learn what erstwhile means


Hello Sparkle Writers, today’s word is erstwhile. We are almost sure you have heard this word before, but you may not know what it means 

Whether or not you’ve heard it before or you are not sure what it means, we’d talk about it. 

Why else do we have word of the day, if not to help with new words? 

Erstwhile means formerly. 

It’s as simple as that. Don’t be fooled by the grammar 

Here are a few words that mean the same thing as erstwhile: old, past, sometime, late, then, ex. 

Let’s use this word in a few sentences 

What had erstwhile been acres of wetland was eventually developed into a thriving residential neighborhood.

Seun was an erstwhile member of the dance club before becoming the director.

Now go ahead and use the word properly. 



The difference between enormity and enormousness


We are almost sure you have made this mistake over and over and again but not to worry, that’s why we are here.

You probably think the words in today’s topic are interchangeable but in actual fact, they are not.

Enormity and enormousness mean two different things and we’d tell you what.

Enormity is originally used to describe something that is overwhelmingly horrible. While enormousness is used to describe something huge. However enormity is now used in place of enormousness which is not right.

It usually confuses people in sentences when it could mean either of the two.

Look at this example

The enormity of the landslide daunted the clean-up crew.

Due to confusion with enormous, the word enormity is widely used as a synonym for immensity, but many people consider this use incorrect.

Strictly speaking, enormity refers to the dreadfulness or atrociousness of something bad, and as such should only be used in a negative context – so you can discuss “the enormity of a person’s crime”, but not “the enormity of the crowd at a music festival” (unless it’s a pretty unpleasant crowd).

Do you understand the difference now?



When your blog content is pirated, this is what you should do.

This is how to handle criticism like a pro

Piracy is a problem no content creator prays to encounter. It has a way of making you so angry and almost discouraged because what you spent a considerable amount of time working on, another person will just copy and paste like its theirs.

But we can’t deny that it is a serious problem.So what should a blogger do when his content is pirated?

1.  Speak Up. 

Never keep quiet hoping that whoever is stealing your content will stop. Send a message to them, talk about it on your blog at least let your readers and the entire cyber space know who is giving out the real stuff. Most times these people offer your e-books at lower prices than you are offering it and if you are  not careful you can loose some of the benefits accrued to you.

2. Don’t stop blogging

As much as possible do not let the mistakes of somebody else stop you from doing what you love. You started blogging for a reason, you have grown a great followership. Why do you want to stop now? Keep writing the good stuff you have been writing over time.

3. Report to relevant authorities.

If you think the piracy is so bad that you cannot take it anymore you can forward your complaints to google, wordpress or whatever institution is meant to handle the case. Piracy is not tolerated by any respectable organization  and  you can be sure they will do the right thing.

3 teeny weeny mistakes that may be affecting your blog right now


It’s Friday and time for our #BloggingSeries. Now if this is the first time you are reading this series we suggest you read past series.

Back to today’s topic.

It’s very easy to see big mistakes and correct them but what happens when you there are teeny weeny mistakes and you don’t discover them on time? Your blog suffers.

We are going to highlight a few things you need to go back and check on your blog and correct them if there’s a need to.


No blogger should just put out all his or her content without subheads. Your blog will look too clumsy and unattractive.

Do you want that for your blog? We suggest you go and correct that now.

Disjointed fonts

How annoying! If your blog has a billion fonts because you’re not paying attention to detail, your blog will appear disorganized. Go back to your blog and check that all the fonts are uniform.

Proper spacing

Always ensure that your articles are properly spaced. It is especially difficult for mobile readers to read long blog posts that are not well spaced. In case you don’t know, mobile readers constitute a larger percentage of blog readers. You don’t want to chase them away because of terrible spacing. 

These are a few of the many teeny weeny mistakes that you may be making on your blog. Now go back and correct them.

3 things every serious blogger must avoid


It’s time for another blogging series and today we are talking about three things every blogger must avoid like a plague. Want to know what these three things are? Keep reading

Don’t be non nonchalant

So many bloggers want their blog to grow, make money, impact lives but that would never happen because they are not paying enough attention to the blog.

A blogger who has high hopes for her blog should never be nonchalant about it. Take the design of the blog, the message of the blog and even your readers seriously. If you have committed to writing three times a week, do it. Make sure the look and feel of the blog is welcoming. Never make your blog feel like a deserted place.

Don’t steal another bloggers ideas

It is sad and shows lack of integrity and ideas to steal other bloggers’ content and pose it as yours. Most bloggers put in a lot of work, research and time to come up with their blog content. The last thing they need is for another blogger to steal it.

It is better not to start a blog in the first place than to create one that just picks content mindlessly from other people. There are times you may want to curate stories from other sites but please refer your readers back to the original site or at least mention where you got the content from. Above all, take time to create your own unique content. Your readers want to feel you not somebody else.


Poor pictures

You bet we were going to add this. It is one thing to add pictures to your blog posts but t is something else to add visually stunning pictures. There is a difference between bloggers who just take the first picture they see and click publish and those who actually look for the right images.

What kind of blogger are you? People are attracted to beautiful things, so anytime you want to post a picture make sure it is something appealing to the eye. Check the picture resolution and make sure it is never less than 640 by 400.

That’s not too much to ask , right?

If you are defaulting in any of these areas, it’s time to make amends.

#GrammarSeries – This is how to use ‘Who’ and ‘whom’



On this episode of #GrammarSeries, we are going to learn the appropriate use of ‘’who’’ and ‘‘whom’’.

For a long time, a lot of people have been confused regarding the use of these two pronouns. It’s time to clear the air.

Who is used in the subjective case and is usually followed by a verb (but not in all cases).

Whom, on the other hand, is used in the objective case and is usually followed by a preposition or a pronoun.

Let’s examine this example together.

With who/whom did she sing the song?

The answer here, is ‘‘whom’’ because of the preposition ‘‘with’’. However, this method does not always work.

In the case of a question such as this, we can simply attempt to answer the question using a pronoun.

She sang the song with ‘‘him, her, them, us’’.

These pronouns are used in the subjective case; that is, they function as objects in sentences.

Who/whom did you see at the study session? I saw him. The answer is: ‘‘Whom’’ did you see at the study session.’’

The woman who/whom sat beside me in church has two dogs. She sits beside me. Therefore, ‘‘who’’ is the correct answer.

Note: This rule works for whoever and whomever.

Want your blog to be successful? This is what you need to do


Every day, thousands of blogs are created. The people behind those blogs start with a high level of fire but post after post, that fire begins to fizzle out. This could be because traffic is not as high as they expected. Or they couldn’t keep up with the demands of blogging. For whatever reason however only a few of those thousand blog ever become successful.

It’s great to start a blog but it must also be your goal to make your blog a successful. Now success as a blog is not only defined in terms of the number of people who read your blog or how much you make from it. Success as a blogger, and as a writer in general, has to do with impact and influence.

Here’s what you nee to do to make your blog successful:

Stay focused

Before you set up your blog, set your goal. Don’t just start a blog because you stumbled on a blog that you like and you feel you can also replicate what the blogger is doing. Why do you want to blog? What is your blog going to be about? What is your message? What problem can you solve? Have all

Be committed

The minute you give yourself room to make excuses for not being committed to your blog, that is the minute that you begin to fail. Blogging, like any other thing worth pursuing, takes time and commitment. You need to spend time search for blog post ideas. You need to make sacrifices to ensure that your blog is a success. You need to engage with your readers and find out how you can add more value to their lives. All of this requires commitment.

Follow your passion

There’s no point blogging about something that you are not interested in. That blog will be dead on arrival. Blog about something you are passionate about. What is that thing that excites you and consumes your thoughts? What is the thing that gives you great joy to talk about? That is what you should blog about.

Choose a great domain name

Whether you know it or not, your blog is a brand and the domain name you choose has to reflect that brand. Think long term when you create your blog. This is because your blog had the potential of being a source of income for you. You therefore choose a domain name that stands out and also captures what your blog is about.

Get a professional look

You remember what they say about first impressions? It matters a lot! Visitors make judgements about your blog that minute the pages opens. So the look and feel of your blog needs to be appealing and professional. If you don’t have money to spend on getting a professional looking theme, WordPress has a lot of great theme that are free which you can start with. We recommend going for a clean design, legible font and a layout that is easy to navigate.

Know your stuff

No matter how great your blog looks, you will lose traffic quickly if you do not know your stuff. You will also lose traffic if you are not up to date with the latest development in your field or industry. You need to stay current to always pass across valuable information to your readers. Stay up to date with the latest news, subscribe to other blogs, follow social media conversations and read books.

We’ll be sharing some more tips next week to help you build a successful blog. Don’t miss it!

If you need help with your blog, do get in touch with us by sending us an email thesparklewritershub@gmail.com or you can book a coaching session by calling 0817 0166 058. We’re always happy to help 🙂