Learn the best way to re-use old content

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Depending on when you started blogging, you probably have a pile of old blog posts that may not be easily discoverable because of the new ones that would come up first in recent posts.

How best can you remind your readers about the existence of other posts because hey, they really can still be useful.

Here’s how to go about taking old content and making it shiny and new again.

Figure out what content deserves to be revisited 

Not everything you have posted in the past will be relevant presently. It is your duty to find out what post is relevant and note them. Your content isn’t all created equal, especially where re-marketing is concerned. Some of it isn’t going to be at all helpful because it is too old, too out of date, or maybe too boring,

Wondering how to discover reusable old content? You can do this by looking at posts people focused on or what post got the highest comments, views and likes.

Don’t be too sentimental when doing the selection process. You may have liked   particular post so much and your audience didn’t. There’s no point reusing that content again.
Look for update opportunities

See how things keep changing? It can be as simple as figuring out how things are different now versus how they were when you first created the piece. Some topics are still relevant but the info is now out of date. Now may be a good time to bring it up again and write something that has new details that are important to know now.

Update your call(s)-to-action

Don’t overlook this step! In most cases, content that already generates traffic just needs a more effective call-to-action to improve your bottom line. You can embed a poll to learn how to improve your content to serve your readers’ needs better. 


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