#PickOfTheWeek – Go for it

Medieval (3).png

Hey there Sparkle Writers! Who’s ready for our #PickOfTheWeek?  Four amazing pieces will be featured again. 

Yetunde has been on our #WriterSpotlight and we learnt a lot so you can tell that featuring her today is going to be pretty inspiring. She said something pretty simple but direct. If you want something then go for it! That’s how it works. 



farmto table (1)Kintola sure brought her A-game on with this post. Like why do we have to wait for people to celebrate an validate us before we feel good about yourself and work? Give yourself a standing ovation and continue. farmto table (2)We’d give you one reason why we love this particular piece even though there are many reasons. We strongly believe you don’t need anyone to complete you. Zafeerah outlined this properly.farmto table (3) Sometimes you beat yourself  up over the little mistakes you make but the point is you’re still making progress.  Some others aren’t even making effort. You are definitely on the right path just don’t stop. farmto table


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