This is how to be a confident writer

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One of the reasons many writers have not started blossoming is because they are not confident about what they do. Hence, they can’t tell other people they write, they can’t pitch their skills to clients or contribute when other writers are talking.

Confidence we know is not achieved in one day but every writer who wants to grow and move to the next level of impact in this industry must be a confident writer.

Insecure writers cannot go far. Although many accomplished writers have at one point been insecure, they had to deal with it.

Here’s what you need you know about building your confidence as a writer. 

Know that most people are insecure but that shouldn’t stop you.

Although they do not show it, many people are also struggling with insecurities. So don’t let your mind trick you into believing that you are the only one and cause you to go into hiding. You should never hide your gift from the world that needs it so dearly. Insecurity should not stop you from doing the things you love. You can always improve. The more you do them, the better you become.

Do great work.

The better your work becomes, the better your confidence gets. How do you do great work? Keep writing, and keep sharing your work.  By writing consistently, you are training your writing muscles and when you share your work, you get relevant feedback. All these culminate in helping you to become a confident and secure writer. Lack of confidence robs you of the potential to be the writer that God created you to be and make the impact that you ought to make in the world.

Fake it till you make it.

Maybe like us you hated that phrase the first time you heard but before you make your conclusions read till the end.

This is what we mean.

We know you don’t feel so secure about your writing skill but please don’t let it reflect every time you write. Don’t post on social media and delete after few minutes. Even if you don’t feel confident, act like you are and we promise you, soon enough, that confidence will begin to grow. 

The greatest writers are not necessarily the most courageous people. They are simply people who felt afraid but chose to write and publish their books in spite of the fear. 







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