This is why you should use more pictures in your blog post


Raise your hands if you are one of those bloggers who only adds one picture to the beginning of the post, fill it up with lots of text and then you click publish. We are guilty of that some of the time but then everyone makes mistakes right? 

This post is dedicated to explaining why you should stop that.

Do you know why lifestyle, fashion and food bloggers tend to ‘rise’ quickly? Because they delight their readers with pictures, beautiful ones at that.

Agreed, not all of us can be food or lifestyle bloggers because we all have different passions, but we need to infuse the wisdom from these bloggers into our blogging.

When you have large chunks of information to convey to your visitors, using imagery gives you the opportunity to make that information easier to understand. It takes far less time for someone to absorb information presented in a symbol than it does when they’re forced to read about it word-by-word.

Here are more reasons why you should use more pictures .

Symbols quickly convey complex instructions

If you have a pretty long content it is better and wiser to break it down using pictures and symbols. Use memes, GIFs and videos. This way you don’t have to type a blog post that is two pages long.


People are hard-wired for visual processing

According to Canva, approximately 20% of your brain is devoted to vision – the visual cortex – and that system “reaches out and interacts with at least half of your brain, sending electrical impulses all over the place.”

Colour plays a big role in capturing visual attention and a tool that can be leveraged to affect emotions and behavior.”

Communicating your message isn’t only about information

You could have a genius, 10-page report that answers every possible question anyone could think of, and most people will still prefer the condensed version in the form of an image. Efficient communication isn’t about conveying all of the information; it’s about conveying small chunks of information quickly and clearly. 

We know it is not easy but this is what you get from your readers when you make the effort



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