#PickOfTheWeek – Love from different perspectives


Hey Sparkle Writers, we are so glad to feature another set of amazing pieces on today’s PickOfTheWeek segment. 

As usual we select articles from four writers on instagram and we talk about what makes them special. Ready for today’s feature? 

farmto table (1) This piece is by our own Dunsin Sanya and she’s serving the truth hot! Too many writers dream of becoming published, dream of writing for international platforms but never do the work. 

farmto table We’ve not featured Jamila before but we love how she described what lovers feel anytime they see someone they love. Do you feel this way too? 


farmto table (4).png

Rock Calvary reiterated this by telling us how terrible life without love can be, Full of choas because many of our actions right now are done out of love, love for family, love for our work, our passion and many others. 

farmto table (3) The love of a mother. So strong, so powerful and so sacrificial. Thank you so much Ufoma for this beautiful piece. 




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