#PickOfTheWeek – The lies we tell ourselves


Hey Sparkle Writers! Our #PickOfTheWeek is back! We’re excited about the writers we are featuring today. We hope you learn a thing or two from this week’s pick.

Temi is speaking the absolute truth and everyone needs to read it.  There is no point living in regret. We have to move on. 

farmto table (2)

 Those ‘I am not enough’ ‘ I would do it tomorrow’ kinda lies. Be conscious of them, they are slow and silent killers. Gbolahan is one of our steady writers, there’s something about the way he writers.  farmto table (3)Oh if everyone could see the next post. Tomiwa hit the nail on the head Whether as writers or in our individual lives it is important that we remember this all the time. No forming, no pretense just be you. farmto table Desolape is one real writer! There are honestly some memories not worth remembering, the question is how do we erase them? Anyone with answers? farmto table (1)


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