This is how to infuse humour into your articles


Would you not love to read a book that makes you laugh almost all of the time and still dishes out wisdom? Who wouldn’t want that?

A book with a lot of humour in it makes an interesting read. We all love to laugh. It is important as a writer to understand that mixing humour with your writing would do you a lot of good. WHY? Simply because your readers would relate better with your work.

You do not necessarily have to be a comedian to write funny stuff. All you have to do is to creatively use your words  to tell stories. Here is how to go about it.

Paint pictures with your writing that relate to the reader’s sense of smell, taste, sight, sound, texture. For example, you could describe how a particular character of yours unintentionally unveils his infidelity to his wife during one of his sleep-talking bouts and the expression of shock on his face when his wife wakes him up at midnight with a queer smile on her face and a wooden pestle in her hand.

Ensure you have moving characters and not static characters. This speaks volumes and can spice up your sense of humour in writing. It is easier to make your readers laugh when your character is moving. Consider the scenario where a moving character in his or her angry bout begins to pour so much sugar into the food he or she prepares mindlessly thinking it was salt instead and the reaction of his or her guest at the end of the day.

Use similes to strike up funny images in your writings. Similes are figures of speech that have ‘as’ or ‘like’ in them. For example, in describing one character from the perspective of another character, you could say, “He is as scary as a mouse.” The ironic nature of this simile could elicit smiles in your readers as well.

We do hope these tips helped you!







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