#PickOfTheWeek – Love and a determination to move on!



If you are new to the Hub you may not know about our #PickOfTheWeek series so we’d explain what it is. On this segement we feature amazing writers, whom you may not know because there are so many of them.

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farmto table (4) Michael Inioluwa sure explains the heart of many people who have ever gone through painful heart breaks. Those tears don’t stop coming.

farmto table (3)

Haha! This is so true. There are times your head tells your heart what to do but it just won’t listen. Who else has experienced it? Oluwadara we love this post. farmto table (1) We saw this and instantly knew we had to share. Who would have thought? Sometimes letting go doesn’t mean forgoing the relationship.  Who agrees?

farmto table (2)

When you know that going back to the past is not even an option.  The best you can do is move far away from it.

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