Farafina Books Call For The Submission Of Manuscripts.


If your dream is to get published someday. then this is for you.

Getting published has a way of pushing a writer into limelight, and gives the writer the opportunity to get his or her work reviewed and criticized. Every good writer deserves to have his book published, and every good book deserves to be published.

We all know the stress and struggles involved in getting a publishing house to publish a book, that is why we are excited to share that Farafinabooks is making it easier by calling for manuscripts.

So if you are a writer and you have been searching for the opportunity to get published, then here’s a big opportunity waiting for you to grab it. This is a great opportunity to finally make your publishing dream come true!

Have you written a great book and all you need is help to publish send your manuscript now.  It’s better to take the bold step now than regret later.

To send your manuscripts to Kachifo Limited, kindly follow the guide lines here – www.kachifo.com

This entry is open till the 31st of March.

All the best. 


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