Become an extraordinary writer with these tips


Who wouldn’t want to read today’s post? The title alone is inviting but beyond that we have killer tips on today’s Writing Series and you know we don’t just talk at the Hub.

If you want to move from ordinary to extraordinary, these tips will help.

Compare yourself with yourself ONLY.

Can we just say this; comparing yourself to other writers is a recipe for disaster. Each writer is on a different journey and you need to STAY ON YOUR LANE.

It is easy to see comparison from the angle of ‘I have failed’ but sometimes comparing yourself with other writers and feeling like a champion can be deadly.

If you write 1,000 words in a day while a fellow writer manages to fit just 500 into their busy schedule, it’s easy to get cocky and relaxed, which makes you slip into bad habits when in actual fact you should be writing 2,000 words because you stay at home all day.

Every writer has different strengths and weaknesses; a different day job, a different state of mind. You can only compare you to you. Evaluate and track your progress. Learn from others but never compare. You are well on your way to becoming not just an extraordinary writer but a balanced one too.

Train your eyes to see extra in the mundane things.

Learn how to look out for the extraordinary in the ordinary activities of everyday life as well as everyday concepts. Think about this for a minute. Most books you read are not exactly about new concepts or issues that you are totally unfamiliar with. On the contrary, they are about every day issues like walking by the roadside, Lagos hustle, conversations in Danfo buses and so on. However, you can master the art of making them sound like something from space!

Be willing to step out of the box.

All it takes sometimes is that willingness to write even if it makes no sense initially. You see, most of the writers we celebrate in our world today were rebels at some point. They simply refused to dive into the pool of conformity. They were unusually bold about their unconventional ideas and their unconventional manner of expression. Decide to step outside of your comfort zone and fly free or in this case, write free.

Cheers to your extraordinariness in 2018! Yep, we just formed that word.


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