Self-publishing tips you need to read


We’d keep saying this, this is the year of making great progress with our writing career and we are here to make that easy for you.

For writers who are considering self publishing in 2018, you will find these tips useful.

Publishing your book can be a daunting task and self publishing even worse. There’s so much to look out for and here are a few you should be mindful of.

Never forget to include your contact information

This is extremely important because it would be totally ridiculous to go through the stress of publishing a book without the author’s contact information. People should be able to find you via your book.

Pay an editor if you have to

Seriously, in as much as you would love to handle everything about your book yourself, it is, nice scratch that, wisdom to pay an editor to avoid those typos that can turn the most patient reader off.

Pay attention to your cover design

If you have no knowledge of books or cover designs, then pay someone to do it for you. Cover designs have a whole lot to do with how your work will be received in the market. Let your design be ah-mazing!

We do hope these tips help you!



2 thoughts on “Self-publishing tips you need to read

  1. For the book covers, use Canva to design it! It can be used for book covers and flyers, social media banners and posts etc! It’s amazing and beautiful and FREE!


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