#PickOfTheWeek – Success redefined


Medieval(1).jpgHey Sparkle Writers! Our #PickOfTheWeek focuses so much on success and we felt it would be good to define or maybe redefine what it means as we enter a new year.

We hope you learn a thing or two from this week’s pick.

Do you agree with us that Gbolahan always brings his A game on in this segment? Today isn’t any different. His take on success is true.



farmto table(1)



Sometimes we have to go through those ‘dark’ times to have victory because it is in those times we conquer our demons. We couldn’t have said it any better Victoria.

  farmto table(2)

Writers will know this so well. Sometimes you are writing a story or an article and by the time you are done you realize it isn’t the idea you started with that you ended with. It’s probably a better one.

farmto table(3)

When help is dong more harm than good, it is better to let go. Victory is right with this one.

farmto table


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