#GrammarSeries – Pronouns are more important than you think


Can you imagine a world without pronouns? It sure will be full of repetitions.

Pronouns are words that stand in place of nouns like “Sola” in the example below.

Imagine reading a book completely devoid of pronouns. It will sound like this:

Sola went home from school this afternoon. After Sola got home, Sola quickly raced up the stairs to greet Sola’s mother before stepping into Sola’s room.

Books will be all shades of awkward if this is how they are being written. Thank God for pronouns.

We would be looking at Possessive pronouns today.

Possessive pronouns, like the name suggests, are used to show possession or ownership of properties, things as well as people. Examples are; yours, mine, hers, theirs, his, ours, its.

It is very vital to note here that these possessive pronouns do not have apostrophes like her’s or our’s.

Here are a few examples:

The lady is mine.

That dog is ours.

The field belongs to Ogunleyes. Therefore, it is theirs.

Its cage was beyond redemption.

My name is Precious. What is yours?

That lovely dress is hers.

The leather belt is his.



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