The difference between your blog and social media

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Do you know that there is a difference between your blog and social media? If you didn’t know, this post is just for you.  

This is why. 

Blogging and social media allow people to share their opinions and thoughts with the people who listen. They allow you to promote the links you want to promote, share that news status, and more. However, blogging and social media are also very different.

When you blog, your content is all by itself. There is no competition when someone enters the URL to your blog. It’s just your blog post followed by another one of your blog posts. With this method, you can develop a stronger community.

On social media, you will develop a larger community, but larger doesn’t mean stronger. If someone is following thousands of people, chances are they won’t see a lot of your tweets. Social media is also filled with competition because the timeline keeps on updating. A new tweet appears on your timeline every second, and millions of tweets are sent out every day. This is the same for Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and all of the other social networks. It’s also very easy to get fake followers although fake subscribers to a blog are less likely.

Blogging allows you to develop a strong community and social media allows you to build a large community. It’s quantity against quality. However, if you can mix the two together, you will have a big presence on the web.



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