#PickOfTheWeek – Life is what you make out of it

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Good writers are not easy to come by but on The Sparkle Writers Hub, we make it our duty to find them and encourage them. On today’s #PickOfTheWeek we have four spectacular writers. 

Let us know which pick resonated more with you. We’d let you know ours too.

The first is by Dorathy and she gives us her take on time and wounds. Unlike the common saying that ‘time heals everthing’ Dorathy thinks otherwise. Instead of healing she believes it only gives us memories, something we can definetly hold on to. 

 brunch (2).pngWe saw this post and we knew we just had to share. Sometimes we complain that we have too little not realizing that even with so little, we could do a whole lot. Start with that little talent, gift and ability, it will grow.  Thank you Layoladedayo Alonge for this. 

brunch (4)This right here is the truth. There’s no point jumping into another relationship with a broken heart. It brings terrible consequences to both parties. If you haven’t recovered from one relationship, don’t go into another. brunch (3)Too many times we imagine ourselves better, more successful and more acomplished but we never really take it serious because we don’t believe we can make it happen. This in actual fact is not true. The success we all dream about it is right inside us and all we have to do is bring it on! 

brunch (5)


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