Blogging myths we can’t stand

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Blogging is defintely a thing, not only in Nigeria but all over the world. However, despite its popularity there are some things we hear about blogging that make us cringe. 

If you decide to believe these things hook, line and sinker, you’d be living in a world of your own. 

Here are three myths we just can’t stand. 

Blogging is Cheap

We don’t know why people actually believe this. Data alone is so expensive and that’s the primary tool of a blogger, so why would anyone say blogging is cheap? If you intend to be a professional blogger, you would need a domain name which is not free, maybe a professional camera and a few other things. Blogging is definitely not cheap. 

Blogging is Easy 

What exactly is easy? Even eating requires some form of work. Blogging entails thinking, planning, scheduling, writing, editing, proper creativity and a lot more. Most times bloggers have to work overnight to edit videos or upload posts just to make sure their readers are satisfied. Do you really think that is easy?

Everyone’s in it for the Money

This is obviously not true and we wonder why some people can’t see it. There are many people who blog to solve a problem, to express their passion and many others., just like the Sparkle Writer’s Hub 🙂 

 The money may come but that’s not everyone’s priority.



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