#WriterSpotlight – “I love the impact I get to make on so many lives. ” Kikelomo Woleosho

kikelomo-woleosho-6.jpgIf you know Kikelomo Woleosho from social media the way we do, then you must know two things about her- she’s a simple and beautiful woman. But that’s not all about her. She’s the Founder of the brand that takes the most breathtaking pictures of babies, Red 19. Today she talks to us about her book, “Kikelomo” and why she wrote so freely and opened herself up to readers. Enjoy. 

Hello Kikelomo, please introduce yourself.

Kikelomo is a passionate photographer who specilises in Children, Maternity and Family photography and currently runs RED19photography.

She has taught photography to over 300 adults and teenagers. She is a graduate of Chemistry Education from Lagos State University and a recipient of the World Bank scholarship for women in business.

She strongly advocates for the protection of children. She recently released her experience with sexual abuse in her free book KIKELOMO to educate people. She is the convener of Sexducate, a sexual education event.

You shared a very sensitive matter in your book, Kikelomo, what inspired you to do this?

KIKELOMO is a memoir of my experience with child sexual abuse and the struggles that followed suit. I realised that abuse usually does not stay in the past. It has a way of crawling in the future of the victim and if not properly dealt with, can destroy them.

I knew that sharing my own story will further open the eyes of parents to the effects of sexual abuse on the children so they can put more effort in protecting their children. It will help abused persons understand the effects abuse is presently having on them and the steps they can take to ensure they have the victory.

What was the writing process like for you and was there a point when you said ‘Oh No! I really can’t do this anymore’ and closed the manuscript?

The writing process was smooth initially. I was surprised about the amount of information I remembered. Then I started having relapse into masturbation and I couldn’t control my thoughts as they were running too wild. From seeking therapy, I found out that the writing was triggering old wounds and awakening me sexually. I put a stop to the writing for a while. I was not sure I would go back to it sooner than I did because I didn’t want to go back to the issues I had overcome.

Some months after I stopped, the Holy Spirit instructed me to go back to the book. He said children are being abused daily and I should not hold back from writing.

It was then I knew that the book was not my idea but GOD’s idea and I needed to see it to the end even if it means I will relapse till I finish. Interestingly, I was able to manage my body better during the completion of the book.



What has the reaction been like since you released the book?

I have been getting great feedback. Testimonies from abused persons. It just suddenly seemed like everyone had been abused as a child. Parents say they now understand the need to protect their children better.

One of the first things we loved about the book was the cover design. There’s something pure about it, why did you decide to use your face for the book cover?

The cover design was shown to me by the Spirit of God. I asked Him to show me what He had in mind since the book was His idea and He did. I worked with the designer through the design prayerfully and with description till he was able to produce what I was shown. I also asked my online community what they thought about different designs similar to the final cover and they made suggestions. As soon as I posted the last cover, everyone went for it.

The cover is DIVINE. What advice would you give to writers who are having issues deciding what kind of design to go with for their book cover?

My only advice is to pray. That’s the only place I get inspiration from.

There is a common belief that getting a book published is expensive because of the different elements it involves. Is this really the reality?

KIKELOMO is my first book. I paid for different stages when I got there. The stages I could do myself, I did. I am still learning the realities there in publishing.

What advice do you have for a writer who really wants to get published but is low on funds?

Do as many things as you can by yourself. Maximize relationships around you. This is a reason why you must read Dale Carnegie’s “How to win friends and influence people” and Herb Cohen’s “You can negotiate anything.” You can take the option of printing only on demand.

What do you love most about being an author?

The impact I get to make into so many lives.

Your book is free of charge! Something a number of people can’t wrap their head around, why did you make that decision?

The book KIKELOMO is not my book. It is for God. He wrote the script years before I was born and placed me into the story to take the lead role. I know the book is a solution and not a profit making scheme and He confirms it to me daily from the responses I receive every time.

How can readers get a copy of your book?

The book KIKELOMO is free on www.okadabooks.com. Signup on the site. Search for the book. Download, read and kindly send me feedback. 





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