#GrammarSeries – Arrange these words in the right order

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Our #GrammarSeries is gaining a lot of traction and we love it! If you answered last week’s questions please check the answers posted in the sequel. Today we want to test how well you can arrange your words.

The sentences given below are taken from a story, but they are jumbled. That means they are not arranged in their proper order. Rearrange them in their logical sequence.

1. The young man sold his share of the property and left for another country.

2. The father tried to dissuade his son, but he wouldn’t listen to his father whom he regarded as old and ignorant.

3. Years went by. The younger son began to get restless because he was unhappy with his lot.

4. He led a luxurious life and spent a lot of money on gambling.

5. They were living together happily.

6. Soon all his money was gone and he became a pauper.

7. Once there lived a rich farmer.

8. He went to his father and asked for his share of the property.

9. So the father gave him a third of his property.

10. He had two sons.

Don’t forget to leave your answers in the comment section so we can read them. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.


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