Why how-to posts are one of the most powerful blog posts you can ever write

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If we told you that there’s one kind of post you’d publish on your blog and readers will keep coming for more what will you do? What if we said this kind of post fits into any niche; isn’t that much better? 

“How to” posts are one of the most efficient ways to communicate with your readers. Everyone has a need and is seeking solutions. If you dedicate your blog posts to solving a particular need, your readers will grow steadily.   

Think about it. Why do we go to the web? Apart from going to find out the latest in film, football and to connect with friends, we go to the internet to learn. That’s why before you finish typing, ‘how do I…’ on Google several options pop up. Many people are seeking answers. If your blog provides a step by step on how to solve their problems they’d become a regular on your blog. Pick a topic that interests you and consistently dish out solutions to issues under that topic.  

How-to’s and tutorials establish your credibility and expertise. Use them well. 


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