Grow your social media followership through your blog

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Blogging is a blessing! Amongst the many benefits, blogging helps you grow your social media follower base consistently. You didn’t know that? Now you know. If you have always wanted your numbers on social media to improve, pay close attention to your blog posts and publish consistently.

Although blogging is not the only way to improve your numbers, your readers are one of the first and maybe your most loyal followers. Once you have picked a steady date and time when you’d be posting those who love your work will, consciously or unconsciously, also want to relate with you and get to know the face behind the blog.

This is why you should help them locate you easily. Put up direct links to your social media pages on your blog where your readers can easily find it and follow you. It is also important to mention to your followers to follow you across the various social media platforms. Sometimes putting it up is not enough, you have to say it. Little by little you’d begin to notice an increase in your social media numbers and if the content on social media is as good as what you put on the blog you’d keep them.

Please remember that this is not a magical way to grow numbers but if you are consistent you’d get the rewards.


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