The importance of easy navigation on your website or blog

Medieval (2)

There is a kind of frustration you feel when you log into a website/ blog and have to go through so much stress to find information. Really, you do not want to give your readers the trouble of looking for content when there are easier ways to make your website easily navigable. Arrange your site in such a way that makes sense to your visitors.

Here are tips to make your website fun to visit.

  • Include a search box in the same position on every page.
  • The logo should be clearly displayed on every page and a click should take them back to the homepage.
  • Use consistent font on every page.
  • Use dark characters on a light background.
  • Do not make readers scroll too long to get to the end of your page.
  • Use headers and bulleted lists for quick scanning.

Always make your blog very easy for your readers to go through and get information. They won’t hesitate to come back when you do that. 



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