This is why you should not set unrealistic publishing schedules


Hey Blogger, 

How are you doing? We know that you have heard how important it is to publish posts frequently on your blog and as a result it is not strange for you to decide that you will henceforth publish a blog post everyday. 

How realistic is that though? Let’s think about it. Can you really post Monday to Sunday? Do you know how much work that would require? 

At first, you’re going to think that publishing every day won’t be tough at all – it will be tough and days will come when you will begin to slow down and get really overwhelmed. 

We are not saying you should not have a schedule at all. That isn’t good but you need to make sure that your plan is realistic and workable. 

When you publish too frequently (or infrequently), you create an unpredictable pattern that can frustrate your readers and cost you an audience.

Be honest with yourself and start small. Commit to publishing on a schedule that makes sense for your real life and other obligations. Space out your posts (don’t publish five all at once!) so that you have a steady stream of content to keep people coming back.

Does that sound okay to you? We hope it does. 


2 thoughts on “This is why you should not set unrealistic publishing schedules

  1. I don’t understand bloggers who churn out 4-7 blog posts a week! If it’s a full time job I’d understand, but I can barely manage 2-3 a month, let alone 28! I definitely think it’s quality that matters most, not quantity ☺☺


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