#WordOfTheDay – Guerdon is not a difficult word


Hey Sparkle Writers, have you been using the new words you have learn from this series?

Don’t forget that there is no point learning new words if you are not going to use them. Using the words you learn on The Sparkle Writers Hub will help them sink.

Will you promise to use them from now?

Now let’s talk about today’s word. Guerdon. Ever heard of it?

You will probably be surprised that it means something so simple but it sounds a bit mysterious.

Well, ‘guerdon’ means reward, gift or recompense. Pretty easy right?

Now that you know, can you replace reward, gift or recompense for guerdon once in a while?

We hope you do.

Now let’s use this word in a few sentences.

Your guerdon for today ‘s hard work is a piece of cake 

My dad promised me a guerdon after my bar exams.





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