#ChroniclesOfAWriter – Once upon a time, my dream was to write for Financial Times

Adedoyin Jaiyesimi

If you’ve been following my #ChroniclesOfAWriter posts, you’d know by now that being a writer wasn’t exactly part of my plans for what I wanted to achieve in life. I used to write for the sake of it.

When I eventually realized that this was what God has called me to do, the only way it made sense to me was if I was writing for Financial Times or maybe Forbes.

That was my measure of success. Financial Times.

Back then when I was a Staff Writer, people used to tell me how amazing the work I did was. Such comments flew over my head. I wasn’t writing for Financial Times so what’s the big deal?

I remember a discussion with a young lady. She had been impacted by the stories shared on a writing series that I managed. She showed me many comments from people who mentioned how something they read resonated with them or transformed them.

I nodded. I wasn’t thrilled to be honest. It didn’t mean much to me because I wasn’t writing for Financial Times. As far as I was concerned, I hadn’t arrived yet because…you know it; Financial Times was not yet in the picture!

My perspective changed in 2014 when God asked me to start my personal blog.

I was quite reluctant to do so. Why would I want to share my life with the whole world??? But I obeyed and I started to share my thoughts, musings and experience in life.

My followers gradually increased.

One comment here telling me how what I wrote was the person’s current experience and my post brought hope; another comment there saying, “Thank you for sharing this. I needed this.”

It continued.

And then my measure of success began to change.

I didn’t need to be a writer for Financial Times before I could be called a successful writer. My success comes from the amount of people I am able to bless through the things I write. 

When my perspective changed, writing became more rewarding for me. Oh the joy I get when I know something I wrote helped someone in one way or the other. Money cannot buy it.

I want to ask you; what’s your measure of success as a writer?

Don’t get me wrong. I want to make money just like you but money isn’t my motivating factor. For example, I am not writing this because I want to make money. I am writing it to let at least one person know that there is a greater purpose for the beautiful writing gift that they have.

The fact that you have not yet made much money from writing does not mean that you are not a successful writer.

The fact that no big website or magazine has published your work yet isn’t proof that you have failed as a writer.

If one person can stand and say, “Because of *insert your name’s* article/post/book, my life has been changed positively,” then you my friend are a successful writer.

Let that be at the back of your mind always.


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