3 reasons you should not give up on your blog


We’ve received a number of positive comments from our blogging series and we are glad that you love them.

We know there are number of people who are planning to give up on their blog because a thing or two are not working. Today’s post may cause you to have a rethink.

The first reason you shouldn’t give up on your blog is because you love what you do

It doesn’t matter what is not working on the blog right now, if you love blogging, you should reconsider before shutting the blog down. There’s nothing as fulfilling as doing what you enjoy. If you believe the blog is stressing you too much and isn’t bringing any form of reward maybe you should think of monetizing it. But think twice before you shut it down.

You have built a family

There’s something about building a community from scratch. It is a very humbling experience. If you have some kind of followership or blog community you should not be so quick to give up on your blog. What happens to all your loyal followers? Will you just leave them like nothing happened? That’s not good enough. It is not that easy to build another community like that again.

You’ve developed an eye for meaningful things.

Admit it, since you started blogging you have filtered certain things from your life. You have become more detailed and you now pay more attention to life and things around you. Blogging has helped you to appreciate and develop an eye for meaningful things. Why stop now?

Basically, we want you to think thoroughly before you shut down that blog. Your blog is a blessing to someone out there.



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