#SWChristmasCampaign – “Christmas to me is letting that weird festive feeling get hold of me.” John Chinedu

John Chinedu

Yuletide [Christmas] to me is waking up to a foggy clime, feeling the brass monkey weather caressing my light skin. Waking up to the sounds of twittering birds, from a tree with shrunken leaves due to the dust and dry weather on Christmas.

Applying local Vaseline as lip gloss on my lips to avoid getting it shriveled. Waking up to chores like chasing after a fat-feathery roosters- to be slaughtered and broiled on the eve of Christmas (my favourite). Have a warm shower, dressed up in fancy red fluffy-sweater embroidered with a clear words: “Christmas to y’all.” Going out on a brisked walk with my siblings.

Christmas to me is family reunion, having the “whole house” gathered around an-old-oak table covered in red velvet table top, Eating every piece of chicken your hands could lay on. Jokes shared by my great uncle, making Christmas enjoyable.

Christmas to me is having a bird’s eye view of the city, light up in beautiful rainbow colors or having a play of lustrous colours from lighted coloured bulbs. Streets light up with banners, scribbled on them were Christmas well-wishes. Receiving season’s greetings/ Christmas cards from friends and relatives.

Although, Christmas is a nine-day wonder; still everyone knows how to get involved in their own special ways. Giving out wrapped presents to friends and family, eating junk food and getting fed fat.

Christmas to me is letting that weird festive feeling get hold of me. Christmas to me is having lot of time to study and get prepared for the next year, although; it sounds weird but trust me it works. The feeling of being happy and excited about a new beginning is overwhelming. Being the first to hand out your over-sized clothe to the needy or hand out a nice pair of shoes to a friend.

Christmas enlightened us with the truth – He died for us and with that assurance that He’s coming back to have us eat in a larger banquet decorated with gold, sapphires, rubies and precious stones.

…feeling the vibe and energy that comes with Christmas. Waking up to thoughts, Santa Claus stopped by with a package situated at the center of your large parlour. Christmas to me in summary is dancing to the blaring music from the sound speaker.

About John Chinedu

John Chinedu

John Chinedu is an aspiring writer, poet and a doctor. John prefers going with the pseudonym John Flicks. In his free time, John loves writing, reading and singing. John Chinedu lives in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State.


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