This is how to handle criticism like a pro


We’ve all been there, some of us have terrible editors who would always find a reason to correct your work and almost make you feel inept while others have gotten a fair share of bashing from readers on the content of our work.

But how we handle such criticism shows a lot about our maturity as writers.

Today we will give you three guaranteed tips on how to handle criticism like a pro.

Trust your self and your work 

You must understand that your work will never be perfect in the eyes of some people, so you should not let the opinion of some people ruin your self esteem. Trust yourself. You are still a good writer. These comments come majorly because your work can be better.

There will however be times when the comments on your work will not necessarily be correct

You can politely explain to the reader, editor or who ever made the comment why you wrote what you did. But if you’ve lost your esteem already, you may not even notice that there was a mistake in the correction.


Learn from your mistakes

There is nothing more annoying than repeating the same mistake over and over.

When your editor corrects a mistake please make sure you do all you can to avoid repeating the same mistakes. This will ultimately reduce the number of times your work will be corrected.

When people correct the same error repeatedly they tend to get angry and the tone in which they’d speak or write the correction may become a little bit harsh.

Don’t even allow this to happen by learning from your mistakes.

Move on 

So your work wasn’t good and you got quite a number of criticism. It’s time to move on. Instead of wallowing in self-defeat, salvage what you can, and use the experience as a lesson to fail forward.

Wondering if you’ve got what it takes, blaming your editor, and suffering from a martyr complex won’t help you write a better article next time.



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