#SWChristmasCampaign – “I am fascinated by how family and friends gather together each Christmas.” Aniedi Etim



Family is truly everything and for Aniedi Etim, Christmas is a time for her to be with as much family as possible, spend quality time together making beautiful memories. This is her entry!


Whenever Christmas is mentioned, my heart jumps in excitement. This is because Christmas takes me down memory lane and also because Christmas means “quality family time.’’

As a child, I remember once Christmas drew closer, I’d begin to talk about it with my siblings and my friends at school; what color of dress I wanted, the type of shoe, the wrist watch and so on. But in all my preferences, I never for once took a second to consider my mother’s pocket being that she took up full responsibility of raising us after father passed on. We were so tender at the time. So my mother would just go with whatever she saw fit for us to wear, ignoring our choices. And trust me she always went for the very big dresses she was sure would take us at least a long time to grow out off.

And then on Christmas day, my siblings and I would wear oversized dresses; excited still, because at least Mama tried it. “What about other kids who never had Christmas dresses at all?” My mother would always say to make us feel better.

Christmas is however a very special season which of course means different things to different people; and honestly there has never been a single time Christmas is mentioned that my siblings and I won’t totally say, ‘’I can’t wait… I can’t wait.’’ This is because feelings that come with Christmas are undoubtedly magical.

Christmas brings miracles and possibilities. From the unique change of weather, to the manner people talk with so much enthusiasm and love, and then the high expectations both by children and adults. In fact, children are exceptionally happy because having been a child once, I know for sure what Christmas means to children; the clothes, the gifts, the holiday and what have you.

To me Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ with love. Christmas is a season of merriment. The sight at which people undergo journeys frantically from different states, and across the world just to be home with their family and loved ones is simply breathtaking. It all goes to prove how much of an impact Christmas creates, and the bond it creates with families.

And in all, the laughter.  Oh, the laughter! The aroma in the air,  the exchange of food and gifts, the jingle bells, decorations and the carol songs with candle lights in church makes me marvel at the sort of joy Christmas brings.

Ultimately, I am fascinated by how family and friends gather together each Christmas; especially mine in merriment with high intensity of smiles and laughter. Now, that is the moment I cannot trade for the world. Because truly, Christmas is magical.


About Aniedi Etim


Aniedi is a graduate of Mass Communication from Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic. She writes because it gives her joy and purpose. She is also a soon to be author of her first collection of short stories.




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