#SWChristmasCampaign – “Christmas gives me this sense of belonging that I don’t even get on my birthday.” Anita Oguni

Anita Oguni

In her entry, Anita Oguni talks about the different scenarios that remind her of the uniqueness of Christmas. We love totally love it. 


It could be the garlands I see hanging on buildings by the first week of December or the Christmas carols that drift into my room every evening from my neighbor’s flat & the stores along the street.

Maybe, it was the rustling of the dried leaves around the compound or even, Mrs Ojo’s constant screams at her wayward son urging him to get home early because it’s Christmas & the streets are unsafe.

Or those moments I catch myself humming to a particular Christmas Carol.

Now, I think it could be the Okoros who keep reserving their best clothes and are miserly because they would be travelling home soon and they’d have to show off.

Ah! I am almost certain it is Uloma who keeps borrowing from friends, not because she is in dire need of anything essential but she has to buy the latest hair. She can’t look shabby- it’s Christmas after all.

No. It should be Mrs Ejiro who recently wakes her husband at 1 am to nag over inferior fabrics he got her. She can’t rock them on Christmas. “It’s unheard of,” she said.

I don’t know which of these scenarios remind me of the uniqueness of Christmas. Maybe none. I may not wear the choicest fabrics or weaves this season but Christmas gives me this sense of belonging that I don’t even get on my birthday.

Christmas is a reminder of love. He was born into this world, just to save us. Christmas to me, after a crazy year, is like rain in drought!

About Anita 


My name is Anita Oguni. I am a content writer from Cross River state. I currently live and work in Lagos.

I love music a lot. I am enthusiastic about reading & writing. 


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